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Why Not To Use Weight Loss Supplements

             Why Not To Use Weight Loss Supplements

hey it's dr spencer here and look i want to talk about why i hate quick fix weight loss supplements and why you should too i already made a video on the factors of long-term fat loss success and in that video i talked about why using weight loss supplements may in fact be associated with worse outcomes than better outcomes and it's not because any of these supplements cause you to gain weight it's because of the quick fix mindset that you get into when you're thinking about using these supplements to try to help you lose weight 

remember one of the top five factors for weight loss success is something called self-efficacy this means you believe that you can do it and if you're purchasing or getting one of these weight loss supplements to help you with weight loss you actually don't believe you can do it you're looking for a quick fix when you look at all the studies that look into each of these different supplements really the most weight loss you're going to get is maybe a pound maybe two but in the end it's really nothing compared to changing how you exercise changing how you eat and changing your lifestyle and being consistent with it that's it hard work and consistency these aren't it here's the deal i don't even blame you for trying these things the marketers are slick they will 

get you to think that you can use one of these things and lose 30 pounds and keep it off over 30 days or something like that but here's what they're really doing yeah last month we did a million in sales selling worthless supplements to these morons yeah yeah amazing [Music] these marketers will do anything for a quick buck they don't care about you the truth is none of these supplements not one of them will replace the hard work and consistency that you need to do with the diet and exercise and improved lifestyle habits that you have to do over months or even years to achieve what you want take these weight loss tees for example these influencers all over the internet are pushing them and making lots and lots of money here's what they are making you think will happen [Music] but here's what's actually going to happen if you like the taste of tea fine there may

 be even some other health benefits to green tea and some other teas out there but really it's not going to help you lose the weight and keep it off thyroid supplements you don't need them in fact if you have a thyroid issue go watch my other video on thyroid and weight loss and learn everything you need to know but i know that you're not going to need one of these supplements garcinia or green coffee bean extract any of these other things that dr oz or some other gurus are pushing forget them they're not going to be what you need for that long-term weight loss success apple cider vinegar touted as a miracle weight loss aid probably not going to help you too much keto 

supplements making you feel like you can be in ketosis without even following a keto diet forget them the sooner you forget about using weight loss supplements or quick fixes the sooner you're going to be on to long-term success when you get into that quick fix supplement mindset you're going to keep turning your wheels jumping from quick fix to quick fix to scam to scam jump off that quick fix treadmill and jump into understanding it's going to take hard

 work and consistency and that's it and if you see another ad that promotes some sort of quick fix where you lose fat keep it off very quickly i want you to exit out of that ad right away these are nothing but a way for marketers to fill their pockets with your hard-earned money and keeping you unsatisfied so when it comes to quick fix weight loss scams and supplements forget them it's going to take consistency and hard work and that is it

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