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Tesla Stock Just Split! Where the Stock Price is Going Next

 Tesla Stock Just Split! Where the Stock Price is Going Next

well holy smoke is this saying no jokers not sure if you guys checked tesla's stock price before you went to bed last night but i did and it was down 79 percent no it wasn't okay it was not down 79 but on stock tracker app and all the other apps were showing it was down 79 basically because the stock is splitting and the apps didn't adjust for that and imagine you had been asleep the past several weeks since the stock split was announced and also you wake up out of your coma and you see this and you're like what does this sound 75 i made a joke in the in the private group i said everybody's got to send back their six and seven figure club awards oh my goodness but no it was actually a great day for tussle stocks today and i mean an absolutely amazing day stock was up twelve percent here today after that five to one stock split i mean absolutely amazing day for tesla stock a lot of people had speculated and 

once they speculated okay that tesla stock was gonna have an amazing day after the stock split essentially and yep they were 100 right anybody that's speculated on this they were 100 right because the stock was up 12 today so congrats to anybody out there okay but meanwhile we have people like this billionaire investor leon cooperman saying on monday that the run-ups on the back of stock split announcements are a troublesome sign for the market he says quote look at tesla and apple everybody understands that splits i don't know about everybody that splits don't create value the founder of omega advisors told cnbc squawk box my dad told me once if you give me five singles for a five dollar bill i'm no better off truth okay not everybody quite understands that but 100 truth leon cooperman he says i see signs of euphoria creeping into the market the ipo spac market is one the craziness in many of the stocks on the robin hood crowd has latched on to cooperman said you see kodak go from 1.50 to sixty dollars and from sixty dollars to six dollars in a very short period of time and when you look into it it's a robin hood crowd taking it up all the robin hood crowd gets it again i want to say first off congrats to the robin hood crowd guys you got a billionaire talking about you okay big ups to the robin hood crowd anybody you know shout out to anybody that uses robin hood let me know in the comment section if you do because you just got you just got mentioned by a billionaire okay that's a level up in life okay so 

in this video here today i want to tell you my opinion on where tesla stock is going next okay do i think this stock's about to go down do i think it's about to go up more i want to give kind of my two cents on this and i also just want to share my overall opinion on this whole situation with the stock split and the stock just continue to roar higher and higher and higher somebody that's a tesla shareholder and now holds 750 shares i held 150 before and the five to one split now i hold 750 shares and that that current value is like 372k now for the tesla shares and so as somebody that's been a believer in this company for a long long time like what is my two cents on this and by the way holy smokes ain't no joke the public account one of seven stock market accounts i have is now 940 it's on its way to 1 million dollars i can't believe it okay i thought that count would hit a million at the earliest in 2021 or maybe you know 2022 was kind of my realistic estimate for that account hitting a million dollars and the fact that implemented it this year is just absolute bananas okay but congrats to anyone who has made money on tesla whether you're a current shareholder watching this video whether you're somebody that was in the stock for a while you sold out you made a profit anybody call option people we have a lot of call option people i'm sure watching this video right now anybody that's made money on tesla congrats to all you guys okay big ups to you so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always if you don't mind smash that thumbs up button for me that helps out the youtube channel immensely and i appreciate each and every one of you guys that always smash a thumbs up and also if you're looking to 

scale your stock market portfolio to six figures seven figures eight figures over the next several years check out the first link in the description down there it'll allow you to apply to hopefully get in financial fortress you'll actually be able to get on the phone call with somebody high up from my team we'll be able to tell you a little bit about the product and how it can help you scale your stock market portfolio has it done for so many others out there okay tesla stock i want to start out by looking at this market cap now okay we're approaching a half a trillion dollar market capitalization now for tesla stock okay 400 and almost uh 464 billion dollars now for the market capitalization of tesla i think this is an important place to start with this because that is massive okay absolutely massive i mean you go back five ten years ago there weren't even companies that had especially if you go back 10 years ago there wasn't 

even companies that had these type of market caps like the biggest like 10 years ago was like i think like 350 billion or so maybe 400 billion and the fact that this one's almost half a trillion is massive so when i look at that huge market capitalization and then when i look at a ford p a 333 when i look at a price to sales ratio right now of 16 plus and when i look at all that it kind of makes me say okay the big guys are going to stay away from now okay like these big investors big funds they're going to say i got to stay away from the stock for now because the valuation is just it's so dang big on this company okay and so that's kind of what i feel and when you see things like obviously what leon cooperman's saying a billionaire investor right saying you know obviously he's not a big fan of what's going on and maybe throwing some subliminal jabs on kind of the valuations of stocks like tesla and things like that you know it kind of makes sense that maybe you know the big guys are just going to stay away from this by the way if people like leon cooperman are speaking out about the stock split stuff it doesn't mean they're short on the stock okay let's be very clear around that it doesn't mean just because you're not going long tests of stock or you're not already long test of stock it doesn't mean you're short the stock doesn't mean you're rooting against the company or anything like that just sometimes these guys don't like the 

valuations on some of these companies and tesla being one of those right and i'll be the first to tell you as somebody that you know talks about tesla stock heavily for the past two or three years and obviously he's an investor of the stock and part of my personal brand is built around tesla stock rate i will tell you that i think the whole uptick since the stock split is silly okay i think it's absolutely silly i think it's absolutely ridiculous what has happened to the stock price essentially since they announced they're going to split their stock the five to one stocks but i mean you can look at this right the stock is almost 2xed since august 11th the company hasn't done anything like transformative or any massive announcement since that time other than the stock split and as soon as that stock split was announced literally the next day the stock starts going up like crazy and now the market cap the valuation everything across the board has almost doubled on this company almost doubled in literally what a few weeks all because of the stocks but there's no other reason that has done that other than that because there's no there's nothing there's been no like game-changing product the company's came out within the last few weeks in terms of everything else it was already priced in with this okay but at the same time i look at this one and you see this one making a 12 and a half percent upward move here today and and a lot of people are thinking this is just all the little guys buying in right the people that didn't have enough money to buy shares when it was 2 000 plus a share okay that kind of makes no sense okay let me explain to you why this makes no sense okay imagine how few people there are that are actually in those shoes that were just waiting for tesla stock to split here today so they can buy it because they didn't have enough money well if they didn't have enough money to buy it at 2 000 then they probably only had enough to what maybe buy one share two shares today okay and imagine how small of a 

percentage of the population is even going to buy tesla stock here today okay because they couldn't afford it before when it was 2000 plus like that it's just this kind of doesn't make sense okay the volume on tesla was 114 million shares traded hands today okay 114 million shares the market capitalization is 464 billion dollars for tesla okay i'm not so convinced that somebody that doesn't have enough money to basically invest two thousand dollars into tesla is magically moving this stock price now that it's in the 400s okay now that it has a market cap of 464 billion dollars i mean when you're talking about market caps in this size range it's usually big funds big investors those folks are usually the ones that are making the stock move like this okay not little guys on robinhood who just bought one share here today when the volume was 114 million shares traded hands okay it's one thing if you know i would come out with a you know planet video and i'd be like oh yeah i love playing stock and talk all bullish about it and give all my points on why i think that stock's going to 10 20 over the next five ten years it's one thing for that stock to move with a market cap under half a billion dollars right i mean you know i can kind of move that stock other people can move that stock if a bunch of people get in the stock because it's a really small market cap it can make sense that it can move okay but it's a big difference between a little teeny market cap like that of 488 million dollars or back then i was like 200 million dollars right and a market cap like tesla which here today is nearly a half a trillion dollars once again 464 billion dollars i mean that's not my that's just a massive market cap and look at it after hours the market's only been closed for eight minutes now as i'm prepping this and it's already moving up after hours it's now over five hundred dollars after hours okay another four dollars and fifty five cents up another point nine one percent that's another what a few billion dollars in market cap just added here 

and after hours okay it's hard for me to believe that it's just uh johnny who just he didn't have enough money to buy tesla 2000 or 1500 but he has enough to buy it at 500. it just it's hard for me to believe that okay and on the flip side you have us tesla longs who won't sell we just continue to hold the line i mean as the stock continues to roar higher and a lot of us are up 800 900 a thousand percent a lot of us will not sell we will not retreat we are holding strong you would think a lot of us would just cash out but nope we're not doing it we are holding the line i can tell you in my private stock group right we think we have like 2 000 maybe 600 members or something like that in there right i'm gonna tell you at least probably a thousand members are invested in tesla and of those thousand plus members that are invested in tesla i can tell you almost every single one of them will not sell their tesla stock regardless of what price it's at tomorrow okay whether it's down up anything across the board these folks refuse to sell tesla they will take that stock to the grave if they have to they you cannot pry the tesla stock out i mean if you told them they had to sell tesla stock or any other stock in their portfolio they would sell any other stock before they sold tesla this is this is what tesla longs are they are really in this for the long game and short term valuations short term market cap for appease price of sales ratios it doesn't matter to these folks and for right or for wrong okay you can make fun of the tesla logs and say you know they're silly they should be selling out you can look at them and say they're smart maybe there's a 

much bigger opportunity here long term but regardless a lot of these individuals will not sell okay for me personally obviously i'm not selling i still hold my shares right which now 750 shares instead of 150 after the split right and i could tell you if i was forced in a situation but i either had to sell my tesla shares or i had to buy put options on tesla stock for the next let's say year i would much rather buy put options on tesla before i would sell my tesla shares i just don't want to sell those shares as simple as that i do not want to sell those shares i love holding those shares and i think if i sold those shares i would just be regretting it almost immediately almost regardless if the stock went down or up in the short term i would much rather much rather buy put options than sell my tesla stock just flat out okay but i will say in this whole situation it does frustrate me okay because when i see tesla stock going up 12 plus percent here a day after it's been going up almost a day after day after day and i see it up now 1.9 after hours up 9.45 cents a share which by the way on a split adjusted basis that's almost a 50 share rise in the stock price here after hours i will say this does frustrate me because we are going to attract more and more of the quick money people because let's be honest when a bunch more people start to see a stock just continue to go up day after day or any asset for that matter right they want to get involved and so we're going to continue to attract more and more of that quick short term money the people that ah they aren't really in tesla stock for the long term they're in it to try to make some money tomorrow and the next day and they're like it just keeps going up let me just buy let me just buy some shares because it just keeps going up and you're kind of getting a self-fulfilling prophecy of everybody believing it'll continue to go up so they continue to buy more which what makes the stock price continue to go up and up and that annoys me yeah i'll be honest okay as a tesla shareholder i know you know i've seen you guys make 

some jokes so you know jeremy gets annoyed by this and makes like thirty thousand dollars in tesla stock here today or whatever right i understand that but as a long-term shareholder in this company i don't like people like playing around with the stock and i don't like people getting involved with it who are not really there for like the long-term mission of the company or belief of where the stock is going long term it does honestly annoy me and when this stock is 500 plus dollars like it is after hours now up over two percent okay that's over twenty five hundred dollars on a split adjusted basis that is a massive you know stock but here we are orc invest okay you know when i first heard art come out with their numbers that they had for tesla stock this was around january time you know as somebody that's a huge testable a huge believer in this company someone that loves this company right and believes so much in it when i heard their projections for where they think tesla stock's going i thought they were crazy simple as that crazy with a capital c okay because here's what they're expecting okay they have an expected value of 2024 price target on the stock of seven thousand dollars but as the stock continues to climb on a split to adjust the basis right it's over 2500 now also when you start to look and you're like maybe they were onto something maybe they were right maybe they got something okay maybe maybe seven thousand dollars is possible by 2024 maybe i was not bullish enough which is hard for me to say i'm not bullish enough right being like how many ridiculously positive videos i put on when the stock 

was two three hundred dollars and all along the way and the fact that i continue not to sell the stock it's hard for me to say maybe i wasn't bullish enough on the stock but at the end of the day maybe i wasn't maybe they had something but then when i saw the really bold case for the stock i thought that was just ridiculous okay 15 000 i mean we're talking about this would make the company by far and away the largest company in the world market cap wise they would be crushing it okay at fifteen thousand dollars a share that's insane and i mean when you think about this on a split adjusted basis right the stock's about twenty five hundred dollars or so if this stock's going to fifteen thousand over the next four years like obviously that's a ridiculous amount of upside but how realistic is that well they think it's actually pretty realistic they have a 25 probability that the stock will be worth 15 000 a share in 2024 that's amazing right 20 i mean we're talking about uh you know 25 to you know i mean at that time the stock price was so much lower right on split adjusted basis back then when they were putting this out the stock price might have been 700 or so i mean this is crazy so obviously if you were talking about you get this type of odds right you had a 25 uh probability to go from 700 where you know which is where the stock was at when they put this out right or somewhere around the roughly to go to fifteen thousand obviously you're gonna take those those odds every single time because it's like that's worth an end and the crazy thing about what orc invest has that's not even their most bullish case meaning she has some 

pretty decently high probabilities on the fact that this stock could go to 20 000 plus dollars by 2024 okay once again the stock on a split adjusted basis is 2500 here today and they think the stock could you know 8x or 9x and there's actually a decent probability in their expectations that this stock could go there when you look at all this you start to say goodness you know maybe maybe there's a lot more upside here than what has already happened okay i mean that's just it's it's amazing like i said i thought they were crazy but who knows maybe 2024 comes and uh the stock price you know will be reflective on a split adjusted basis of what they thought you never really know a lot of that is going to depend on autonomous taxi networks how to tesla roll that out over the next few years because a lot of what orc has in their numbers is based upon that the autonomous taxi network autonomous driving those sorts of things okay now my personal opinion i think the uptrend will end within 30 days okay that's that's what i personally believe i think that's like almost every single day of tesla stock going up and up and up and up and up and up i think we're getting close to the end of that okay i think it's gonna end within the next 30 days okay now who knows i could be wrong about this i could be right about this i hate making short-term price predictions on the market or stocks in general i really hate doing it okay i love to like look for the long-term i love to think about long-term opportunities that's my specialty okay but i will say if you put me on the spot and you make me have to decide i will say the trends ending in the next 30 days in my opinion it doesn't mean that the stock goes to zero it doesn't mean the stock falls you know 70 or something like that i just think this this continuous uptrend of the stock going up almost every day i think it's going to end within the next 30 days and i think we'll have a you know like a time period where the stock doesn't do anything or down trends for you know a good amount of time here a good amount of time is kind of relative but i think that could last for six months 12 months i wouldn't even be surprised if it lasted for all the way to up to like 24 months we've seen this happen with tesla stock in the past okay once again i hate making predictions like this you know i i obviously did a video 

back when the market was falling like crazy and i was going down every single day day after day and i did a video called when the stock market will bottom and i said it would bottom within the next 30 days i went on record that was a really scary thing for me to do because once again i hate making short-term predictions on the market or stocks in general and i think the market ended up bottoming you know within a few days of me uh you know putting out that video and i hear him today saying the uptrend and tesla stock will end within the next 30 days and we'll see what happens regardless i'm married to the stock okay you know i always tell you guys date stocks don't marry them but at the end of the day i got married to tesla a long time ago and i just had to admit that i had to accept that this is not the type of stock you date you marry it or you do nothing with it you either are 100 in it or you're not you're zero percent in it okay it's me in this tesla stock we're married and for better for worse for ups and for downs for roller coaster rides we're in it together okay and that's just you know it is what it is whether stock goes down 30 over the next few months or up to another 30 over the next few months you know we're together and that is that okay it's just that type of stock all right so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always if you don't mind smash that thumbs up button that helps out the youtube channel in a massive way let me know in the comments what your opinion is on tesla stock over let's say the next 30 60 90 days i would really love to hear from you guys in the comment section kind of hear from you know your guys perspectives on this also if you're looking to scale your stock market portfolio to six figures seven figures eight figures in the future check out first link in the description down there go ahead t

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