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SHOCKED Jaguars release RB Leonard Fournette after 17 TD during 3 seasons with team

 SHOCKED Jaguars release RB Leonard Fournette after 17 TD during 3 seasons with team

leonard fournette this morning the team attempted to trade the running back this off season but could not find any takers fernet had just over 2 600 yards on the ground and 17 touchdowns in three seasons with jacksonville so shannon would you want him well scary tell me before i answer that question it tells me that jags are tanking for trevor lawrence now they traded coles campbell they just traded well they i think they released or traded kel kalez campbell they released in gakwe they traded jalen ramsey now you trade the third pick in the draft from just three years ago so it tells me the direction that they're heading in that they're looking to get one of these quarterbacks that's coming out trevor lawrence justin fields they want a young quarterback so i'm not sure they're sold on on garnamentu he's 25 years of age skip he only has six hundred four in that linen for that he's only 25 he only has 666 carries in three years that's that's nothing that's nothing so skip i believe he's gonna get picked up and the reason why no one would give you anything for him skip if you approach me hey chef i got a car for sale why am i going to give you what you have telling me you want to get rid of it i didn't ask you hey man look i'm in the market for a running back would you be interested in parting ways for leonard fournette that's one thing you come to me oh i'm not giving you what you're asking for because i already know you want to get rid of it so but i i think somebody's going to pick him up scale it's sad i mean you're two weeks from the 

season if that's the case kevin if nobody wanted to trade for him in the off season go ahead and release him why you bring him in the camp have him this and now we're two weeks from the season and now you release it i do agree with you about jacksonville it's starting to look a little fishy speaking of florida it's just looking like what you just said and they traded aj bullier all these pro bowlers from the defense skip are not gone somehow that tom coughlin regime is so tough you know that they demand it's our way or the highway and too many players are on the highway right now going back to jalen ramsey so this was back in 2014 maybe i was on the other network on the other show and it was on before the season started he did his interview on air and when we went to commercial break i chatted with him briefly about a young rising star he had named leonard fournette and he told me this kid is unbelievable because of his work ethic and his intangibles are michael jordan-esque that's what he told me quote unquote and i took it to the bank because i love coach miles and i think he's he's he's a shrewd operator right and he could see right from the start this young man from new orleans was going to be very special right and somehow he hasn't been that guy right at any stage of his career because there were 

back-to-back years against alabama where he just got shut down and shut out he seems to be scary like he stays nicked for some reason so when we first started this show in 2016 first like it was our first show with the and i picked leonard fournette to win the heisman and lsu to be the team looked like they would be and then once again they ran headlong into coach saban's defense and what disappointed me about leonard was usually the more carries you get the stronger you get and you'll finally just wear down and wear out even a coach saban defense if you're that guy he did not do that it looked like he got worn down and he got worn out and i'm not saying he quit against them but he he would try less and less hard as the game went on he was discouraged quickly frustrated and just sort of threw up his hands and said i can't do this remember he was the biggest man on campus because it was him and ben 

simmons was going through his years right obviously one year of basketball in purgatory where he was forced to play and plus he's local kids kids so what have we seen we have seen literal bursts of him oh yeah remember week what was the week before last year at denver he goes 29 carries for 225 that's big time yep and we saw a couple of other games in that ballpark but never could he susp his nick did you point out and always grousing about something is that what happens under the tom coughlin regime right does it just rub you the wrong way where you can never quite be happy because they want you to stay perpetually uneasy unhappy is that just the way they're probably coached so would the bears jump all over and they lost montgomery and all of a sudden could he be just with the doctor yeah they should probably jump all over yeah because either i mean he's uh i think they still got cohen uh terry cohen yeah so i think it would be a great compliment i definitely think the bears could could could use him and remember skip they also traded nick foles away in the off season so jacksonville so you can't be 

getting rid of all these players and say well we're making us we're getting better trey lyndon from that calendar campbell is going jaylen ramsey is going aj bourier's gone trey nick foles and say oh yeah we're getting better and gawkway traded him to minnesota he's gone but oh yeah we get all yo yo we trying to we trying to win the afc south really really not they're positioning themselves for one of these quarterbacks justin fields or trevor lawrence because i believe both of these guys are coming out thought about fournette to the bucks but they seem pretty happy with lashawn mccoy because he can catch it as well as run it okay all right well that's all we have for you guys today thank you so much for hanging out we'll be back tomorrow at 9 30 eastern we'll see you then you know the name now see the inspiring story of alabama's quarterback sensation as he fights to overcome a potential career-ending injury all while chasing his destiny to the nfl watch to us sunday at 4pm eastern 1pm pacific on fox brony james is the latest big name to take his talents to esports brawny announced he joined the professional esports organization faze clan the organization already has other athletes like benson any problems or issues with this i don't as a parent look it's first responsibility to school work second 

responsibility you play in the sport okay you're going to vote you're going to if you have chores so for me skip i don't have a problem with it i'm sure his schoolwork as long as savannah and lebron are saying look as long as your schoolwork does not suffer you're going to get to the gym get shots up you're going to do your training you're going to do your chores around the house i got no problem what you do in your spare time i don't really have a problem with it i mean you look scared to dude got five and a half million followers on ig 4.3 million on tick tock 300 000 on twitch on twitch so he's he's an influencer and obviously these kids not they're big into gaming and it is a big business skill there's a lot of uh big time owners of professional sports that's buying into this business so it just goes to show you that it is big business and obviously he's good at it yeah he's lebron james son but i believe he's good at these games and so that i don't i do not have a problem with it they need to hook your ball up you play video games nope so that would be a problem hooking you up so speaking of being hooked up i'm 

going to assume going to get paid for his services because he should get paid for his service yes right yeah uh the ncaa does not love potential ncaa basketball players getting paid for their services right that disqualifies you from amateurism i noticed that though but i was looking at something last night on on ig and i saw a girl promoting baylor and she had on baylor paraphernalia and he'll say paid by baylor okay so influencers can get money go to a school and get money but i guess if you an athlete you didn't say it wasn't hypocrisy oh okay okay the whole system should be about college oh he might have to be like lamelo huh uh yes because he's already being recruited by all the top schools duke yes coach cal already offered him a scholarship yeah and i get it in large part because of his father and you're looking at potential is he gonna sprout up to maybe six eight or so right he's only he just finished his freshman campaign correct so again he averaged like four points but he's playing for the varsity as a friend right pretty great so will he be worth the scott sure he will be at some point down the road is he going to be good no he probably almost certainly is not going to be [Laughter] yet it looks like lebron has said like 

lebron would be the first to tell you how hypocritical the the college system is right that they deserve to get paid for whatever they do on and off the court right well i think he might have just given up his kids uh chances of playing at duke let's say and going getting a duke education if he's so desired because i think it would be the lamello route now you could go to australia you could go to europe you could go what did we put in the trust and don't get it until afterwards could we do that i don't know how that works but i i think they don't school also the g league is getting bigger and better right right right right that by then it might be right on time you go at age 18 right play g-league and that might be the way the fast track is scale because i mean you figure lebron you say junior is going to his sophomore year that his junior year that'd be year 19 his senior year that'd be year 20. right so if you go to college for one year you're me so you're already talking about year 21. okay if he went to duke would he finish duke 

and get his education probably not right is that a big problem no i don't have any problem with that the other issue here is and this is fascinating to me lebron doesn't protect him from this at all he he pushes him out right to the to the public view right so he's saying my son is is mature enough and and mentally tough enough that he can take whatever backlash there is from this criticism or whatever right he is pushing him hard he's been on tv a lot at aau games right so he's pushing him hard he just know i don't think his mom and dad are allowed to do interviews i guess not i hadn't thought of it right i don't think they allowed me to do interviews but you know hey you gonna cover the games cover the game but i don't think they'll i don't recall seeing maybe maybe i've missed a couple but i don't think right now his name is junior yeah and that is that is tough to stand up under right yeah and the figure skip but at the end of the day like i said i obviously he didn't have chores like i did growing up but if he's gonna get done he's gonna get that school work he's gonna get the shots up he's gonna train whatever the choice is he has around the house taking out the trash clean up all the if he's going to do all that and he still have 

time to prepare and train and get ready to do play these games do it okay do it he's as much a dynamo as his father is on time management what you can do well i mean he might look the likelihood of of of a player being historically great and having a child that's also historically great normally it's gimp skip normally if the father is great the son is not so much normally if the father is not so much the son is i mean archimedes was a good player but he wasn't payton you know barry bonds was great good but he wasn't he wasn't i mean bobby boss was good but he wasn't barry bobby was really good he was elder griffin pretty good junior so we we we get that we understand that so for me i don't have a problem with it i don't have a problem with it but you can give me a couple of your million followers on ig no he could do that yep well maybe he will yeah so you boys they owe you a lot no i don't mean nothing they don't want me anything dad got like 70 million you just break bread give me like like minnie braun what what are you doing they didn't say that to me yes they do i don't know why you think thank you maverick first of all i do not have maverick information me and maverick does not have information i ordered it you might have i wouldn't put that past you i ordered it i agree with you here make some 

extra money put it away yeah if he goes to college you're already starting your savings his dad got money i know what i tell my kid no your daddy your daddy's got money you don't have nothing you got a job uh well we have some breaking news out of the nfl a top five pick has been released we'll discuss that next

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