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Niecy Nash Comes Out and Marries Jessica Betts

 Niecy Nash Comes Out and Marries Jessica Betts

hi guys it's your girl lola loveji and today i'm coming to you with some exclusive tea nisi nash has come out to the world that she is a lesbian and she's married to r b singer jessica betts if you don't know jessica best just foreign singer in the late 90s um she had like a one song i think it was called get up and then she was on missy elliot's road to stardom she won this uh the reality show and she just disappeared for a while a nice looking lady and she could really sing and i remember seeing them together i don't know if it was jessica or claus but i remember seeing them together but i didn't know that they were a couple and i'm so oh my gosh i'm so excited for nicky nash i'm so happy and it's true that love wins and you know i i've known and over the past couple years that you know these seniors got a divorce and i didn't know why and i don't know i said this exactly this is the reason why but it kind of make it made it 

obvious but i'm so happy for her and i'm just happy that love wins i'm so happy we are happy for you nissin us honey bunnies we're happy for you and be yourself be free don't worry about whatever anybody got to stay don't worry about what people want to say oh you can't worship god and you can't be a christian and be gay that's a lie we all different ex everybody's not gonna be straight everybody not gonna be gay everybody not gonna be trans everybody gonna be translated but we are different and we are all god's children but i'm so happy oh my gosh i'm so happy for her and jessica beth i'm so happy fo

r you honey you're such such a nice person i remember on road to sodom she had uh uh revealed to missy and mona scott and everybody that she was uh she had made a song in the song she was discussing that she was sexually abused so i hope both of them can heal each other and just love it on each other until the end of that time you know on this earth love wins you know and everybody deserves happiness you know long as this you know legal and things like that everybody deserve happiness yes everybody deserve happiness if you wanna go with you know same-sex transgendered whatever you can do that this time this day and age and i'm so happy but anyway it's your girl lola lies you

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