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Apple Stock can Surge 50% - Here’s Why.

 Apple Stock can Surge 50% - Here’s Why.

what's up you guys welcome back to the channel it's a very important week for both tesla and apple so i'm coming back with some straight facts about apple this stock is hot and i just made a video that you can see right here about it hitting 500 per share and being a very good trade they just reached 2 trillion in market cap but that means if you want to make 50 of your money you will have to wait for it to hit 3 trillion dollars so when can you expect that and what are the things that will take us there based on the recent news oh and ceo tim cook just sold over 131 million dollars worth of apple yikes why did he do that all that and more coming up right now what's up youtube family so let's start with what happened this week before the stock splits apple has experienced one milestone after another in recent days it reported super stupid i mean strong earnings and then right after those earnings it reported that it's gonna have a four four one stock split and guess what happened after it hit the two trillion dollar mark 

yes let me write that on the whiteboard real quick 2 trillion that is 2 trillion dollars so how does it go to that didn't work how did it go to three trillion dollars i just got that whiteboard i shouldn't be doing that well for that let's take a look at two things one when did it hit one trillion and two what is apple capitalizing on that's going to fuel its future growth in august 2018 apple hit one trillion dollars this video is in august 2020 and apple doubled in two years so based on this it will take roughly one year to go up 50 now obviously that is super simplified and i got a finance degree so it's not that simple but i'm just breaking it down in layman's turns i'm not taking compounding into effect i'm just giving a rough breakdown estimate and past performance doesn't predict future returns a lot of you guys ask well this stock had 50 returns so is it gonna do that again no i wish it was that easy but here's why apple is likely to continue growing at a very fast clip and it's likely to be about 50 in the next year apple is benefiting from work from home in the time that we spend indoors apple just reported its numbers for the third quarter of 2020. many of the sales increases came from products that had registered slow growth in the past quarters but now they're speeding up iphone makes up 45 of the company's revenue this is good and bad because obviously apple has to rely on iphone sales heavily which are a little bit delayed and that's not a good thing for apple but here's what i'm looking at that's making a difference for apple right now the sudden work from home boosted pc sales and you guys know mac computers are expensive in fact taking a look at the apple's website a 16 inch macbook pro will run you between 2 400 and 2 800 

but it doesn't stop there ipads wearables and services all experience double-digit surges in revenue that means while one part of apple's business might be a large slow growing cash cow the rest of the businesses are balancing scale and driving the stock growth upward while the other part of the business is kind of growing at around two percent not to mention they're adding a lot of the apps to the apple store because gaming companies are in high gear producing products due to the surge in people's needing entertainment because they're working at home and they are super bored and their boss isn't watching with what they're doing so they have so much free time they're like browsing reddit they're playing video games and they're watching uncle henry's videos oh and smashing the like button and subscribing wow i actually said smashing the like button i said it properly i didn't say liking the smash button would you look at that one more thing i want to mention which i think is very important for 

apple's growth before i move on to tim cook selling 131 million dollars worth of stock is this article from webbush web bush is just another bank on wall street that does analysis on stocks and i found this article pretty useful i will link it in my description below it states once in a decade 5g super cycle will surge apple's stock price higher here is why this stock is 700 according to webbush the iphone maker is set to capitalize on a once in a decade opportunity and that opportunity is on the verge of a massive upgrade within the iphone cycle basically its cycle has 950 million iphones that are in the install base and they are all going to be prepared to be upgraded to the iphone 12 later this year according to ed bush the pent up demand for a new iphone with 5g capabilities in a new design form will make the iphone 12 the most significant product cycle for apple since the iphone 6 was launched way back in 2014 according to the firm i think there's a lot of truth here because small investors aren't raising the price of apple instead it is smart money raising that stock and our channel is the new smart money so that's basically us web bush estimates that 350 million iphone users will be looking to upgrade their current iphone over the next 12 to 18 months and that is a lot of cash for apple however 20 of the upgrades will be coming from china we'll be writing this down so i can post an update on this on patreon as soon as i get news on china because that's going to be really game changing for the stock and 

it's really going to move the stock either in the down direction or the up direction because china is pretty massive i mean 20 percent of revenue is no joke that's like billions and billions of dollars all right so we know that stock surged past 500 per share and rather than doing a screen share i'm going to be mixing it up for you guys so you guys get different values from each of the videos that i create i'm going to be looking at tim cook's actions and commenting on why he's selling and what that means for apple stock apple ceo tim cook was recently awarded 560 000 shares that's a whole lot of shares of apple stock for serving as apple's ceo and for apple's strong performance under his leadership that's hundreds of millions of dollars but hey warren buffett makes more money from coke dividends than the coke ceo so you guys get my drift here if you guys subscribe to my channel that is absolutely within the realm of possibility for everyone watching you can definitely build your wealth and get paid more dividends than a ceo one day if you work really hard now after receiving the award cook sold more than 265 000 of those shares at a price ranging from 493 to 500 bucks netting him somewhere around the 131 million dollars according to a filing published by the sec the remaining nearly 300 000 shares worth 150 million dollars roughly were withheld for apple for taxes that's a lot of tax but the bottom line here guys is tim cook is a large shareholder of apple and his entire career is based on apple performance tim cook has about 800 000 shares of apple so is this cell a really big deal yes and no from one perspective 

in my opinion he wants to sell some because apple isn't an all-time high so it's kind of prudent to be selling at this point from his perspective i would probably do something similar to what i'd said in my last video on neo if you didn't watch that video here is a new analysis video that i just made yesterday or a couple days ago you can click the link above regardless how i look at it is his action isn't really a big deal because tim cook is obviously no dummy he still holds a lot of shares and is heavily invested for the long term he has every incentive to work his donkey off so in my opinion apple has a very bright future and is a strong addition to everyone's portfolio whether you're a new investor or you're over age 60 and for you guys over age 55 years old i love to have an older audience watching me i want to give 

you guys a special shout out because you're approaching retirement and now is the best time to start preparing for your future if you want to chat with me i have a coaching link in my description and i love helping and talking with someone that is older and wiser than me and has a lot of life experience and i have a lot of respect for people that are older than me other than that weeble is an app similar to robin hood and they give you two free stocks one free for just signing up in the second free when you deposit 100 worth up to 1400 bucks link in my description either way i love you guys and have an amazing day and i'll see more of y'all on the weekend i said you guys are the best in russian and i'm going to say my favorite line in russian this time because a lot of you guys are loyal followers and why not add a little russian to this channel investing and i don't know how to say investing in russian so i'm just going

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