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Zero Calorie Foods For Weight loss

zero calorie foods for weight loss in fact you can even lose about 30 pounds in only 10 to 15 days yes if you ever wondered there was a magic pill where you could eat as much as you want and you would never ever put on weight I'm here to tell you the exact same the special kind of foods which will help you lose your belly fat in no time at all Plus no workout no dieting eat as much as you want these are called zero calorie foods also known as negative calorie foods of course the zero in zero  calorie foods is going to make you a hero these zero calorie foods have innumerable benefits firstly they are very good for your cholesterol levels and they also keep a check on your diabetes plus they help boost your metabolism and they can even help detoxify your body number fifth they purify your blood and help the blood circulation so get ready for that beautiful glowing skin right after this zero calorie diet foods it's not just good for the hair in skin it's also anti-inflammatory so get over with all the bloating and feeling heavy none of that anymore plus you can never over eat these foods because you will soon feel full before you get fat say you had water now water is something which is absolutely zero calories  yeah it's true so that means if you had water and after drinking water you feel fuller plus you can have as much as you want and because it's zero calories everything we put inside our stomach it has to be digested but why digesting water we have actually ended up burning one calorie per ounce which means that calorie which water contained which is zero we have actually burned more calories while digesting it which makes it a zero calorie food and this process is called thermal Genesis and this is exactly that process which the dietitians and the nutritionists nowadays put you on to make you lose all the weight so now you know when you paint them so much of money to help you lose weight in desperation they just replace one of your meals with these zero calorie foods of course if you watch this video right till the end you will know a long list of these foods which you can use yourself without burning a hole in your pocket if you want to lose about 30 pounds in ten to 15 days I strongly recommend that you replace one or two of your meals with these foods and see the magic happen number ten on the 

top 10 list of zero calorie foods is Apple with only 52 calories imagine eating a favorite burger and always wanting more what if I told you that you can either eat one burger which has about 300 calories or you can gorge on apples not one not two not three but four to five apples Wow you would feel full plus you would never crave anything because your body has got all the nutrients and vitamins that it needed plus it has a lot of vitamins and minerals and it also controls your hunger pangs so say hello to the whole Apple and don't try and have apple juice that's not good for you do you think we can find another food on the top ten list of zero calorie foods which could be lower than 50 calories Wow I can't wait to see

number nine on the top 10 list of zero calorie fruits is a humble carrot at only 40 calories per hundred grams it has managed to beat the mighty Apple with 50 calories like I had mentioned to you well carrots are very tasty and a delicious snack if you can munch on it there's nothing like it because it keeps you fuller it is good for your eyes it's good for your skin it contains so many vitamins and minerals and it is dairy otic that means it's good for your digestion plus it's also anti-inflammatory which is good for your stomach so go on snack on that carrot and see that fat melt away

a number eight in the top ten zero calorie foods list is the melon it's here to poke up your life because it's full of water with only 30 to 35 calories per 100 grams imagine you could even eat a kilo of melon and never put on weight because it is so hydrating that it's good for your skin it detoxifies your body plus it's also going to bring that extra special glow on your face while you're writing so don't forget to include melons you can even eat a kg if you want imagine the big size which you get and if you finish the whole thing you will feel so full plus you wouldn't have consumed any calories at all

number seven on the top ten list of zero calorie foods with only 25 to 30 calories can you guess it one of my favorite can you guess it one of my favorites cruciferous vegetables because they play a very crucial role as they are very high in phytonutrients antioxidants and they are very very healthy way to lose weight but I'm sorry if you have thyroid I don't think it's a good option for you plus they come in many varieties say for example broccoli cauliflower cabbage brussel sprouts you name it in fact I usually truss up a bowl of all these favorite vegetables of mine with a little bit of olive oil and a lot of herbs and spices and I make myself a big fat bowl and enjoy my meal I hope you will do that too and you will soon see that fat melt away

 number six do you think we can do lower than 20 calories per hundred grams let's see stay tuned bringing joy into your lives with only 20 calories per 100 grams is the king of vegetables the brinjal also known as aubergine in fact I have a very few favorite dishes which I quite enjoy made only of brinjal a very own desi Indians die bang and cut vodka and I also quite enjoy the Mediterranean version of the dip college do you know the Mediterranean dish name which I'm talking about if you do let me know in the comment section well moving on with a goodness of brinjal let me tell you that it contains a lot of fiber a lot of potassium and a lot of vitamins plus it also has a very special property to lower your BP it also contains flavonoids with anthocyanins which help lower your BP what else do you need so Gorge on that Benin tatata and see that fat melt away

are you looking to boost your energy or improve your mood to a happy mood well I suggest you must try this number five in the top 10 list of zero calorie foods with only 20 calories per hundred grams one of my favorite vegetables because I quite enjoy it in soup form have you guessed it yet yes the happy mushrooms yeah because they keep you happy they boost your energy they instantly change your mood as soon as you consume them plus they are so rich in vitamin D that they are good for your body you must take a lot of mushrooms in fact as much as you can also there are so low in calories you can eat as much as you can and there is no stopping you I quite enjoy mushroom either in soup form or I enjoy mushroom sauce on top of my grilled chicken or the regular mushroom butter sabzi which we all have in our special Indian recipe style so don't forget to gorge on the mushrooms

number four with only 17 calories 400 grams we have a superhero vegetable believe it or not you can actually trust it with your life yes I'm talking about the trustworthy tomatoes what else do you  omelets so I usually bake my tomatoes I have about one or two if it's a large size I have one if it's too small then I have about 2 plus tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C and I forgot to tell you why it's called the superhero vegetable because it contains lycopene which actually fights cancer what more do you need it also keeps your cholesterol under check and it has a lot of antioxidants

number three on the top 10 list of zero calorie foods is my favorite I love green leafy vegetables yupi and we have managed to go lower than 15 calories per 100 grams can you believe it you can eat as much as you want throughout the day have a nice radiant glowing skin your digestion becomes even stronger plus your body retains all the vitamins and minerals and you get to lose weight what more do you want well the variety and the green leafy vegetables beside my addiction spinach is the celery there is letters there is but word there is sagas answer so cassava which we all relish and enjoy in the winter season in India and these green leafy vegetables are actually loaded with antioxidants and they contain a lot of vital vitamins and minerals so don't forget you have your daily dose of green leafy vegetables and you must see that fat melt away

are you cool as a cucumber well if you're not you better be because number two on the top 10 list top zero calorie foods is the cool cool cucumber hello summers well yes this has only seven calories per hundred grams now what more do you need be it office be it home be it anywhere Galia cucumber or two with you and see that fat melt away cucumbers are good for your skin they help detoxify your body and they contain polyphenols which are antioxidants what more do you need to aid your digestion if your digestion is strong your body will be healthy and nobody can stop you from losing all that excess weight so go on carry a cucumber with you wherever you go and munch on see that fat melt away

number one on the top 10 list of zero calorie foods yes drumroll and here is the announcement the official winner is green tea and any kind of herbal tea which you might nplease because these contain very minimal almost zero calories absolutely not even countable so if you want to boost your metabolism and get your body in the antioxidant raging mode you must have at least one cup of green tea one hour after every meal it's definitely gonna help you if you have been following me on my weight loss channel I must have prescribed it to you earlier as well so I completely believe thatgreen tea can do wonders for your body  and try and have the decaffeinated version if you're going for a green tea at night throughout the day you can enjoy any green tea just like I do well if you have enjoyed watching this video and you have found it to be very informative I would request you all to like share and subscribe to this very Channel and I  to bring to you many more exciting interesting videos do let me

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