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the weight-loss industry comes up with a new diet every now and then with so many

weight loss sites out there to choose  the best one for you could be challenging but don't worry to make things simpler for you I went deep into all the popular weight loss sites and have rank them from worst to best so which is the best diet for weight loss or rather fat loss let us find out I will also share with you one diet I

number one which includes military diet and the GM diet both of these diets aim at short term rapid weight loss it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them punishment rather than a diet but these appeal to people as they promise substantial weight loss in as little as one week no doubt even the success rate is pretty high as the water weight of the body flushes out however it's a short-term success as hardly anyone can follow these starving diets for long the way it returns back as quickly as it was lost sometimes even more since these diets are very strict and specific about the food and portion size the only positive, about them or any such type that I can think of is that it might help somebody to get disciplined about eating habits but overall the approach is faulty it's nothing more than straining your body to gain almost nothing rather 

it can lead to sluggish metabolism hair fall and body weakness stay away from such crash sites as they lack the concern for proper nutrition category number two includes the high protein Paleo diet low carb Atkins diet and high fat diets like the keto diet the problem with these diets is that they are highly restrictive they either miss out on any one major macronutrient or stress too much on another macronutrient for example the Paleo diet which is also referred to as hunter-gatherer diet cuts grains legumes dairy completely out of the diet and stresses too much on me not only the excess protein will overload your kidneys but this meat based diet will rip your pockets as well the low-carb diet like that restrict grains legumes even fruits and

vegetables in your diet similarly the ketogenic diet stresses 80% of the diet from facts 15% from protein and only 5% from carbs when you adopt high protein low carb or ketogenic diets or any such diet you do lose weight quickly but these diets create an imbalance in the body carbs are often

projected as villains but we must understand that no carbs means no fiber and no fiber diet results in constipation all the three carbs proteins and fats are non-negotiable for proper functioning of the body even missing out on trace minerals causes the body to suffer let alone major macronutrients doing so you're bound to face nutritional deficiencies your performance drops hormonal balances disturbed skin and face loses luster even the immunity beacons a balanced ID is the best however some of these diets were designed for a more important use case for example the ketogenic diet was introduced by modern physicians in 1920s for the treatment of child epilepsy as for the local fad diets it's evident that they originated in the West and became popular and rightly so because if you have a close look at the general diet of Western people they mostly eat refined grains like baits Donuts muffins pasta pizza etc so going low cup meant cutting down on these nutrition devoid refined grains however it comes with side effects on the other hand Indian diet comprises mostly whole grains which are rich in fiber and do not deprive of nutritional value so eat your carbs it has hundreds of functions to perform in the body now before 

I move on to the best category here are a few dishonorable mentions the dishonorable mentions include all those diets which deprived you of food or make you eat only one type of food be it the watermelon diet the cauliflower died juice tight the carnivore died the cookie died seriously there are tons out there in the market these diets are structured from a very surface level approach and are a strict no no coming back to the category number three which includes the  best out in my opinion intermittent fasting actually it's more like an ,eating pattern where you fast for 16 hours and eat in a window of eight hours what makes if' ideal is that it respects

the two important cycle the human body the elimination phase and the building phase in the elimination phase the body detoxifies cleanses repairs rejuvenate citizens whereas in the building phase your body is receptive enough to assimilate the nutrients properly so if you eat well it rebuilds itself research has shown that intermittent fasting significantly reduces insulin the fat storing hormone and increases the growth hormone that increases muscle mass 16 are fast however might seem like a daunting task at once but today there is sufficient evidence to prove that hunger hormone is very adaptive and in just four days the hunger pangs reduced until it's no more an issue another research shown that if a person changed his eating window from 16 hours to 11 arts but ate the same amount of food it reduced more weight in the latter case also we must understand that fasting comes naturally to us for example while we are sleeping at night for seven to eight hours our body's fasting it's eliminating toxins yes it gives a whole lot of science of successful detoxification in the morning however one may start with a 12 hour fast and gradually build up to 16 hours if' although might seem like a new age died but we Indians have always been following a similar or I should say a more advanced version of it the Ayurvedic died in IAF the eating and fasting window is decided by you whereas in Ayurvedic died these windows are decided by the nature yes the time period between the sunrise and sunset is you're eating window and all the other times you are on a pass it is in this window that you can place your main means in a balanced fashion as per your body type this is because the digestive capabilities are decided by the Sun when the Sun is at its peak or digestion is,at its best and when the Sun begins to

set our digestion slows down the only thing however allowed for sunset is melt which also induces sleep how smart is that even I follow this Ayurvedic diet placing two meals in the eating window and a glass of milk at night here I would also like to talk about ohm at one meal a day die it's nothing but an advanced version of IAF where the eating window is further reduced as long as you are eating one proper balanced meal Oh Matt is extremely healthy for a body but before you get on with it I wear the ones that this progression from eating three to four meals in a day to one meal a day must be done slowly over a period of few years if you suddenly jump to one meal a day you won't be able to sustain it and that won't serve any purpose and if you think that one meal a day hampers productivity Twitter CEO mr. Jack Dorsey is a prime example but again the progression has to be slow and smooth to conclude crash sites like GM and military are the worst of all the highly restrictive diets that miss out on major macronutrients or press on eating one macronutrient in excess are bound to cause long-term health problems intermittent fasting is an intelligent way to eat the Ayurvedic diet is even

better both if' and Ayurvedic diets are quite easy to implement and are also cost effective one balanced meal a day is great but the progression has to be slow and smooth overall nothing can beat a well-balanced I'd design for your individual body type and that should not be a short-term thing it should be a lifestyle when you eat this way your body gets properly nourished and fat loss is just a positive side effect of it found this video helpful please don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you are looking for an authentic whey protein to fulfill your daily protein intake nutri box health essentials raw b protein concentrate is one good option since it is unflavored it does not have any artificial sweeteners or flavors added in it you can have one scoop of it in water post-workout which will give you 24 grams of protein you can also check out their curcumin paper in capsules which promise to increase the immunity and bore the ingredients of this product are safe and have no added colors or flavors do consult your doctor before consuming it to buy neutral box health essentials raw B protein or curcumin capsules click


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