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Top Weight Loss Mistakes 2020

these are the top two weight-loss mistakes I'm willing to bet that you are making if you're watching this video number one you're not counting calories I don't care what you've read I don't care what you've been told I promise you flat out you have to watch how much food you're eating when you're trying to lose weight and people tell me oh I'm eating healthy guys what the hell does that mean I'm eating healthy some people will say to me like oh like you know I had avocado I'm like no Lizzie no that that is that it that's not that's not the idea or I'm not eating carbs or I'm on keto or I don't eat meat a veggie burger that no that has nothing to do

 with weight loss weight loss is energy in energy out and calories or units of energy period promise you and up story now here's the second mistake that you're probably making if you're going nah no I didn't eat as much and I didn't lose weight you're not taking into account the fitness component so a lot of times people will say I've heard it's it's it's 80% diet and it's 20% exercise I've heard it's 50/50 there's an answer and it depends on your goal so if you're trying to lose weight it's more like 80% fitness 20% food and you might be going bad it's just not true but it is and here's why cuz let's say Jillian Michaels


I'm Jillian I want to lose 20 pounds right I'm burning 1,500 calories a day without Fitness and now I am on a diet oh my gosh I'm eating 1200 calories a day well I'm still in losing 300 calories a day and if a pound is around 3500 calories that's 12 days for me to lose 1 pound so of course I'm gonna tell you it doesn't work so well that's really important for me to get the weight off I gotta increase my energy expenditure I gotta get that 1500 number up to like 3 thousand twenty five hundred and the only way to do that is fitness you got to move not exercise period end of story so when I tell you that weight loss is mostly Fitness

 yeah you'd see me over the years taking a lot of weight off of people or even though my website you see the before and afters for my app and all this stuff like they're not just dieting they're working out I'm literally beating it off people Bam Bam Bam with lunges and crunches and all that stuff so when it comes to weight maintenance then yeah it's gonna be like 80 plus percent diet we're not in my house talking about weight right cuz if I don't eat more calories than they're burning today I'm not gonna get any bigger health different conversation bigger

 No so you gotta count calories and you've got to move and I would give anything to sell you some sort of magic I don't know what right oh it's the magic device I an electrode machine it's a powder it's a pill it's a magic but it's work it is work and if you do the work it's worth it I always say work that has a purpose becomes a passion work without purpose feels punishing but if you're feeling lost or you're feeling confused or you're feeling defeated I am betting it is because we're making these two mistakes and if you correct them you'll get that scale turning down in the right direction alright guys for fitness instruction in nutrition advice all things health and wellness

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