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The Effect Of Diet On Health

this week we are talking about the effect of diet on health many of you know i'm not for demonization of individual foods in fact when you look at the data it just the evidence just isn't very strong that individual foods or macronutrients or nutrients cause certain morbidities when you start equating for things like calories and lifestyle and that sort of thing and this has caused me over the years to kind of develop a very flexible approach to nutrition um i cut you know kind of get enough protein in carbohydrates and fats you can kind of distribute how you want in terms of your overall calorie goals and make sure you eat enough fiber and then you know if you're worried about micronutrients track them or take a multivitamin a lot of people criticize me for that they say well you know energy balance is fine for uh you know weight loss or muscle gain but that doesn't say anything about health

 you know i'm looking to be as healthy as possible uh ironically this argument comes from both you know vegan plant-based high carb end of the spectrum as well as keto low-carb you know carnivore crew as well they all kind of argue that theirs is you know the most healthiest thing that you could possibly do i did look into the research a little bit on this there was a meta-analysis back in 2014 by now at all where they looked at studies that equated calories but varied the carbohydrate and fat content and they found that basically uh 95 to 99 of the health benefits from those diets could simply be explained by the weight loss i'll say it again 95 to 99 of the health benefits of of different diets are due to weight loss we also have several studies that show that metabolic ward tightly controlled circumstances low carb versus low fat if protein and calories are equated produce the same fat loss and further we have longitudinal data looking at long-term outcomes showing that on the whole uh low carb or low fat don't really produce any differences in adherence both are pretty poor uh honestly as are all diets over the long term what they do show is that for people who are able to adhere that is people who are the most adherent to whatever particular diet they pick they lose the most weight so just tying this logic together if most of the health benefits from dieting are from the weight loss then we should choose a diet that produces

the most long-term weight loss the most long-term weight loss is produced by the diet someone could best adhere to and there doesn't seem to be significant metabolic advantages between diets as long as we equate protein and calories it's important to equate protein because protein is more thermogenic than carbohydrate or fat now getting back to that still people will argue with me about this sort of thing i actually came across a paper it's not new it's from 2012 where they looked at breast cancer survivors and they wanted to examine the effects on either a high carb diet or a low carb diet both diets being low calorie so they examined 50 people in each group for six months 1200 calories a day one group was low fat high carb they're about 24 grams of fat almost 200 grams of carbohydrate i think

both groups were on 65 grams of protein and then the low carb group was around 100 grams of carbohydrate and i think like 65 grams of fat so they looked at them over the long term they lost the you know on the whole both groups lost the same amount of weight adherence varied but for people who were the most adherent and lost the most weight basically what they showed was that cholesterol blood glucose and most markers of blood lipids and cardiovascular help basically linearly improved with weight loss cholesterol and ldl improved a little bit more with the low-fat diet triglycerides and hdl improved a little bit more with the low-carb diet when you summarize it all together it doesn't seem to be much difference in terms of the health outcomes on blood lipids between these two diets so what does this all mean what this all means as the best diet for you as i've been saying for i don't know 10 years the best diet for you in terms of what you can be the most healthy with is the one that you can stick to and the best news ever is that if you get enough protein eat enough fiber and eat the appropriate amount of calories you can do whatever the hell you want with your carbohydrates and fats even looking at stuff like inflammation not different when people lose the same amount of weight regardless of low fat or low carb or anything in between you lose same amount of weight you'll have the same reduction in inflammation does it make for hot topics and zealotism but it does make for really effective knowledge

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