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lost 60 pounds in 5 months

 lost 60 pounds in 5 months

i'm gonna share with you guys how i lost 60 pounds i've already made a video talking about how i lost my first 40 pounds so if you guys haven't seen that i will leave a link to it in my description box down below or i'll leave like a card in one of the corners over here you can click on and check that video out so i'll kind of be going over some of the same stuff in this video to share with you guys how i lost it and then how i lost the other 20 pounds okay so i took some notes so i wouldn't be all over the place first i want to say that this is what i did to lose weight so if you don't agree with it i'm not telling you that you have to do it to lose weight there's many different ways that people can lose weight but this is how i did it so that's what i'm going to be sharing with you guys and then also in my last video people were sit basically saying like what i was eating was just too much where it wasn't healthy and i needed to add certain things like i needed more vegetables just stuff like that people that were telling me like what i needed to do so after i lost that 40 pounds i went to the doctor and i got my blood work done and so my my bad cholesterol it went down by 80 points and then all of the other numbers in my blood work were all in a normal level so all the people that were saying that it was unhealthy or i shouldn't have done 

that or whatever all my blood work was in all in the normal all in the normal levels and my bad cholesterol that was really high it went down 80 points just from eating the way i was eating and i lost weight as well so just want to clear that up okay so next um what i eat okay so i eat low carb slush oh my slash intermittent fasting so with the low carb i eat under 20 grams of net carbs a day so i want to share with you guys something that i love so i have it right here so i but i'm going to also use it as to show you like net carbs okay so this package total it has nine carbs you see and then underneath it is one gram of fiber so whatever the fiber is you subtract that from the carbs and then that is your net carbs so the net carbs of this package would be eight so this would only be eight carbs that's it i'm gonna sh i'm gonna talk about these later but these are stuffed mushrooms they're from walmart i love them so much so that's a net carb throughout the whole day i have 20 grams of 20 grams of net carbs that i can eat or less um and a lot of the times it's less because i try to eat like as least amount of carbs as possible because i'm trying to get this weight off okay the omega part so omad stands for one meal a day and so that's what i do i eat one low carb meal a day each day so i usually eat around 3 p.m lately at the beginning it was always like 3 p.m on the dot because i just was ready to eat right then but now it's it'll be like 4 or 5 and it doesn't phase me like i'm okay eating like later on in the day going like all day and then eating at that time and that's fine for me what else okay yeah and also no snacks so my body is 

staying like in a fasted state so i'm not having any calories throughout the time that i'm not eating um yeah i only eat at 3 p.m and that's my eating window okay so let's get to intermittent fasting so that's basically like giving you time from when you eat and then you fast a certain amount of time before you eat again like there's different like times that people do sometimes people do like a 16 8 so you fast for 16 hours and you have like an eight hour window of time that you can eat it just depends on like whatever you want to do but mine is just i basically i give myself about an hour window to eat so from like 3 p.m to 4 p.m i'll eat so i'll make my meal but if i do have like something that i want to like munch on while i'm cooking i include that as my meal time because i'm eating like all at that same time for instance i love i like pepperoni so like the little packages the packages pepperonis i keep them in my fridge so while i'm eating i'll maybe have just a few of those i'll eat that and that's all like in the same time period and i consider that as my one meal a day because i'm eating just like with the meal you know what i'm saying but that's not all the time that's just some time but sometimes i'll just be strict and only eat just a meal and nothing else while i'm eating that meal for drinks i only drink water just plain water um no sparkling water i don't drink any alcohol any carbonated drinks any diet sodas none of that 

just regular water that's it um sometimes i do get cravings but you just have to push through that because i thought i saw somewhere that like craving lasts for like i don't know the exact time like five minutes or something and it'll go away yeah i had a craving really bad for some gatorade i think it was earlier today or yesterday and i just felt like there's nothing more i wanted at that time than some freaking gatorade and then i forgot all about it so like the craving your cravings will go away like you'll be okay and for exercise i didn't exercise maybe at the beginning like for a total time that i exercised maybe like five times my weight loss has all been contributed to my change in my eating habits so that's where the weight loss came in i don't exercise but eventually i do plan on exercising what's my weight loss slows i will start exercising and i definitely once i get my body like smaller to the around the size that i want it to be i definitely want to be toned up and stuff so i'm gonna work out for sure but right now i'm not and i haven't been okay so a question that i got in my last video someone asked like how do you how did how did i change my mind frame and like how do i keep motivated so like i've had certain goals for years and i just just never achieved them so i just knew like this year i i was gonna do it so i didn't it wasn't like a new year's resolution or anything it was it was some i decided it was i started at the end of february i think it was like february 21st or 22nd to be exact i remember i started the day i went for an invisalign consultation i had the picture is so ugly um i have the picture that they 

took of me that day i was feeling kind of down that day and i didn't even want to go to the appointment but i ended up going and i'm glad i did um i had just like taken a shower wash my hair and went okay so i'm going to show you all the pictures these are the pictures these are okay this is actually february 24th so that that pretty sure this is the day that i started my night it was either the 21st or the 24th so but this is how i look then so who is that yeah so um [Music] this is when i started my diet and also i finally got my invisalign i might talk about that another day if you guys are interested in it i have some things to say about it but anyways um okay so where was i oh yeah i knew i wanted to achieve certain goals and i i just felt like i just was sick of it i was just sick of it i went to go see my grandma and we took pictures together and when i looked at the pictures i just i couldn't believe it i didn't it i just i didn't realize how big i got how big i got i mean it's like i knew how big i got but i didn't realize it at the same time and i was just kind of just like in shock it didn't look like me i did not write i don't know i just i knew it had to change i knew like just different things like just what just like if i wanted to polish my toenails or take the polish off of them it was like a struggle just to do it because my belly was in the way and i couldn't like it was just hard to reach and just things that should be easy were hard just like 

going grocery shopping having to go from one side of the store to the other side of the store i'm hot i'm tired like my feet hurt i don't feel like it like i'm just ready to go just or if i know like oh my gosh i'm gonna have to go somewhere and i'm gonna be walking like i would not want to do it just just certain things like that but now i don't i don't feel the same way like i wouldn't mind doing certain things that i would have hated doing before so i was ready for that to change because i wasn't always heavier so i know what it's like to not be 300 pounds and so i wanted to be back to that i wanted to be able to do more stuff to feel better and and also look better and have my confidence back and just be the person i feel deep down that i am like my outside wasn't matching up with the inside how i felt so if that makes any sense and then also another thing for motivation i have a vision board i put i got like a a picture of a scale and then i just like blurred out with the scale set and then i wrote my goal weight on it i have that on it and i printed that out and then i also have like older pictures of me when i was smaller and i have that on my vision board as well i have other stuff too but those that on there makes me just like i look at it every day and it just keeps me and keeps me like focused and keeps me like looking for looking ahead to my goals and keeping me on track i'm not gonna show my whole vision board but this is one 

of the pictures on my vision board it was me when i was smaller notable chin and there's another picture and then this is the picture of the scale that i printed out with my goal weight on it so i look at this every day and it keeps me motivated and on top of my goals so if you guys don't have a vision board i would totally recommend making a vision board just any of your goals that you have just look up pictures online or like look on instagram what or pinterest anywhere that you find inspiration things that you want things that you want to have or things that you want to achieve get those pictures print them out and put them on get put in my vision board i got my board probably from the dollar tree or walmart so it's really inexpensive and then the pictures i upload them i uploaded them to and then i got them printed out there's always a coupon so you pay like a dollar for several pictures and so they're good quality pictures and i just put them on there and i see it every day it's like next to my bed so i always see it um another thing i would say books are good to help you stay motivated um my favorite book is the alchemist i really like that book i would suggest reading that i think all self-help books just like any self-help books it'll just keep you in like the mind frame of like trying to complete your goals and so i think that really helps also a book that i want to recommend for like low carb eating 

which um i've done before this is the atkins this is my first adkins book so it's called the adkins essentials so this gives you a lot of information and so a lot of stuff that i've learned i got from this book and there's a few things that i wanted to get into in here so i'll get into that eventually so this atkins book and this is another one i've had um i really believe in it so basically but i just keep it pretty easy 20 grand 20 grams of net carbs per day and that's it i don't follow like every single rule that it has because i think you're supposed to eat like with every at least every six hours but i only do you know my i do my thing my way uh my one meal a day and it's working out for me okay and then another thing is just okay so set a goal stick to it and don't break it just be strict with yourself you can do it just know like you can do it so just be strict with yourself but sometimes like if you feel like at the time that i took a break from my diet i felt really restricted i don't do well just feeling stuck and just forced to like for i don't i don't like feeling forced to do something so i was just feeling really just restricted at that time it had a lot to do with i was being really strict with myself on the diet and then also everything going on right now being in lockdown like just normal life was it normal anymore and i was just getting really stressed out and i just needed a break like i just felt like every there was just so many just it was a lot at 

one time so i took a break from it like if you need to do that for your mental health do it because you need to you know so i was just feeling really trapped really stuck and yeah so i took a break i took a break i had some carbs i took a good month to two months break and maintain my weight i did eat whatever i wanted sometimes and i did drink i drank you know my i like wine so i drank wine of course and then what i really just got into are um the sparkling side what is sparkling oh the seltzers the salsa drinks so like the bud light saucers the um white claws the truly's i love those i don't they don't have many carbs or calories and they're kind of strong too so um yeah i drank those and then i i pretty much maintained my weight i did gain a few pounds but it wasn't a big deal because i needed that break but if you don't feel like you're gonna snap you know like at any minute keep going like keep pushing yourself because i think sometimes if you just really keep pushing yourself and really like restricting yourself you'll get to the point where you'll snap and then you'll just like binge and go crazy and then you'll get on a cycle of just binging bitching and then you'll gain your weight back so if you feel like you're getting to that point go ahead and take a step back get yourself together like get your mind back right and then get back on it but don't go too long and don't let yourself get too far off because the 

weight will come back so you have to keep it in check like you have to keep it in check like don't stop weighing yourself you need to weigh yourself and keep keep track of your weight because things can get out of hand quickly trust me because that's happened to me in the past okay and then another thing i wrote down is if you need to distance yourself from certain people for now so if you have a friend that you know whenever you're around each other you'll always drink and turn up and you'll want to party and eat bad things like that maybe you need to distance yourself from them and get yourself on track you need to put yourself first you can have fun later but if if you have your goal in mind you need to stick to it and you know just talk to them and they'll understand and if they don't then maybe you need to distance yourself forever from them you know i feel like people should be understanding and you can just find different activities to do if y'all still want to hang out or whatever but i would say the people that you know that you shouldn't be around when you're trying to do what you you need to do like and you want to achieve your goals stay away from those people and focus on yourself okay now let's get more into the diet and tips and stuff okay so what i ate at the beginning the first part of my diet i ate just 

a ground beef like so it would be basically like taco meat i would make ground beef and put taco seasoning in it and then i would put a little um shredded cheese on top i would eat that as my meal every day and then i got to a point where i got sick of that and got really bad heartburn so then i switched to eating salads i would make a shrimp salad and i would eat that every day or i would just eat like maybe a piece of chicken with some broccoli or green beans i love green beans with bacon in them i would eat that with a type of meat steak i love rib eyes just a rib eye with some broccoli just things like that just like a meat and a vegetable something like that or just all me like when i did the ground beef it was just all meat and so lately what i've been eating what i've been loving so much are stuff my um no well yeah stuffed mushrooms these that i showed you guys that i showed you guys earlier these are from walmart it's six in a pack and um it's gonna focus it's six in a pack and i think it's like five dollars or four dollars four or five dollars for the pack and they're really good and i put them in the oven and then also with that i love what i've been making a lot are stuffed jalapenos so i'll get about four jalapenos i'll slice them in half i'll take the seeds out of them and then i'll fill them with cream cheese and then i'll wrap a strip of bacon around it and like secure it with toothpicks and then put it in the oven for 45 minutes and then when after 35 after 30 minutes have passed then i'll put the mushrooms in the 

oven too and then they'll come out at the same time and it's so good that's what i've been eating and i love okay so yeah that's basically what i've been eating right now for the last i just been stuck on it like i'm not i feel like eventually i'm gonna get sick of it but right now i look forward to it and i love it so that's what i'm eating and i'm losing weight i'm i weigh myself every day to keep track like i like to keep track of my weight every single day and then another thing that i do to keep track are checking my uh ketone level so every morning when i wake up i use words i have these these are the brand is rely on and they're ketone test strips so what you do is you take one of these this is what it looks like and then this little part at the end you pee on that part you can take a little cup and dip it in there and you and so you'll match it up to see where you're at and right now i'm typically like right here so i have a large amount of ketones in my body right now so my body's burning my fat for fuel and so i do this every single morning to keep track so if you guys are gonna do low carb i suggest you guys get these uh ketone strips the the brand that i got is rely on they're probably about seven or eight dollars from walmart there's also a brand called keto sticks i think those are a little bit more i think like maybe 14 or 

something like that and so i just use that every day to keep track to make sure i'm not eating too many carbs i went myself to make sure that the weight is either the same or going down and um for the ladies you have to remember like probably the week before your period your weight might not go down as much or maybe stay the same so depending on what part of the month it is of your cycle you may be a little bit heavier and it may seem like you're not losing weight because that's what happened to me so for a good five days my weight was staying the same and then once i started my cycle my period the full four pounds dropped off so it was just i was holding on to like a little bit of water weight at that time so don't get discouraged if that happens to you just keep pushing through as long as you know you're checking your ketones every day and you're not eating too many carbs you will lose the weight so yeah um i think that's everything i wanted to cover my battery is about to die yes so i lost the 60 pounds in under five months just by doing the omad intermittent fasting and low carb and i'm just gonna keep going i still have more to lose and i oh my gosh i'm getting a marker all over my bed i still have more to lose and i'm gonna keep you guys updated as i go along so i didn't show like my body before but i'm gonna stand up and just show it now so we can compare it from here i guess in the future

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