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Lose Belly Fat Fast ! Turmeric Tea For Weight Loss

Lose Belly Fat Fast

two amazing weight loss tea recipes these are recipes that I use actually for beauties in tummy fat but it also worked for overall weight loss this recipes are the truth if you follow them religiously you will be packed in five days with feedback yes they work that fast and I with the deviation from my normal recipes but if it works then why not share it right anyway I should also say at this point that you need to follow this recipes with good diets

as well because that's just as important and I will believe in the ingredients list and measurements as well as they help and if it's of each ingredient in the description box below so let's start so for my first recipe I will be using some lemon I've got some whole as well as sliced lemons I will also be using some ginger you can also use ginger powder I'll also be using some cinnamon sticks I've also got cinnamon powder I will be using both butts feel free to use any other to you and if you've got both then that's fine and I'll also be using some turmeric powder I could have softer fresh ones but if you've got the fresh ones then that's great and I'm also using some black pepper freshly ground black pepper and lastly

 I will be using some honey so the first thing I will be doing is to pound some of my ginger and that's because I need to crush out as much juice as I can from the ginger and that way it's more potent so now I'm going to place a pan on medium heat and add some water I've got the ingredients list and measurements in the description box below now I'm going to add some of the crushed ginger and also some cinnamon and I'm also going to add some lemon I've got one lemon and I'm going to squeeze the juice into the pan so I should mention at this point that you can use sliced lemon instead of just juice because the peel is actually very good for weight loss but I find it a bit too bitter and a bit too acidic so I try not to use a peel but if it's something you can tolerate them please use the peel as well and I'm also going to add in some turmeric powder and some black pepper and now I'm just going to stir this

thoroughly and I will leave to simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes so it's been ten minutes and that's fine for me now so I'm just going to take it off the heat so now I'm just going to see if the tea and you can also use a cheesecloth but I'm fine with just a seed so this is how I prepared the tea when it's time to drink I add some lemon into a cup and then I fill it up with some of the tea and then I sweeten with honey you can actually drink this without honey because of the cinnamon because the cinnamon adds a bit of flavor to it but I still advocate of honey so here is the first tea and you can drink this three times a day you can drink first thing in the morning before lunchtime and just before bedtime so this recurrent recipe is one I do when I'm pressed for time and that's because it does not require boiling and for this I'll be using a bit of the crushed ginger I'll also be using some cinnamon honey and

 lemon so into a cop I will be adding some hot water and then I will squeeze in some lemon juice and then I'm going to add some cinnamon powder and also some of the crushed ginger I'm just going to add just a bit more hot water to this and just combine thoroughly and I will just leave to sit for about five minutes and after five minutes I'm just going to see if the tea and then it's ready to drink and I will be adding some honey for sweetness but you can do without it because of the cinnamon in it and this tea can be taken three times a day as well fasting in the morning on an empty stomach and also just before lunch and also just before bedtime and I should advise that if you're going to be using this tea please do not consume too much dairy product and that's because it can induce bowel movements as well as blue stools and that's all from me today

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