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food diet is a diet that contains foods high in search winds they are said to suppress appetite and help regulate the way in which our bodies process fat and sugar the internet also tells me that it supposedly activates your quote skinny jean what the heck is that I've never learned that none of my biology classes so who knows I also looked a little bit into Adele's exercise plan to see what she does to stay fit Adele's workouts consists of reformer Pilates have a personal trainer that helps her with her exercises she does a weight lifting and then she also does 60 minute cardio circuits and Pilates for the next seven   days I'm gonna be following phase one of the SIRT food diet and also working out like Adele obviously Adele has not come forward and said hey this is exactly what I ate this is the exact workout routine I did you know there's no video or anything of her saying that like from her own mouth a lot of what I found online were just from like tabloids and whatever I made a list of everything that I need to get so let's go to the grocery store 

I'm not a red light by the way so I need to try to find the Birds Eye chili I need to find all of those buckwheat items I couldn't find anything at Trader Joe's I had Buckley in it so I'm gonna head to one other store really quick at those last few items and then I'll be done and I'll have all my groceries for the next week all right so I picked up the last few items some Publix and I was wandering around that store trying to find some freaking buckwheat I had to talk to like six different employees which spiked my anxiety out the roof because I don't like to talk to employees that's why I go to self checkout that's why I don't look at anyone that's why I just wear headphones and I gonna store and like look down and just do my thing and leave one employee just saw me looking around aimlessly was like oh let me help 

you I was like I'm looking for some buckwheat and she's like what's what feels like you wouldn't understand honestly if you look at my Google search history right now I was like frantically like in the store like what is buckwheat substitution for buckwheat where can I find buckwheat what I would buckwheat being very chaotic very Kate I like to say the least okay I just got back and loaded all the groceries let me show you everything that I got so basically a lot of the green stuff is for the green juices the arugula celery apples not some regular tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes some smoked salmon I got ginger walnut avocados I got strawberries my plan here right now is to start making the green juices the other thing that I know is gonna be an issue is it's a juice and I don't have a juicer so I 

could pose as a problem do you ever have a nutribullet I know it's not the same but you know what we're gonna make it work [Music] you can do it you can become a juice you can do anything you set your mind to I feel like I'm drinking Nickelodeon slime doesn't look great I'm not gonna lie I don't want to do this but I'm doing it so you don't have to deal with Cheers that was probably one of the worst things I've ever had in my life I think what's just so extra divine about this smoothie this juice whatever is that it is chunky and I have to chew it before it goes down okay take two what I did was I strained out all the chunky mists of the fruits and vegetables I did add some ice that's what you here because my produce was not only chunky but it was warm so let's try it out you know what I am a grade-a idiot because this actually tastes a lot better don't get me wrong it still tastes like a giant glass of lawn 

clippings but now iced next thing to make it are these third food bites which they sound a little bit more promising than everything else so I bought these medjool dates to add I guess some sweetness to the surface advice and then I think they come up and like some other meals I am NOT gonna date in a very long time well in my romantic life and food wise so sad hello I know you're shocked I had some technical difficulties just show you what the stuff looks like ones done you don't care what it looks like when I want it meanwhile my kitchen is an absolute wreck so I'm gonna clean this up sip on that juice over there and then I'll be back and I will start cooking tonight's dinner this is the final product of the shrimp stir-fry this is a lot of food not gonna lie but I guess it's begins it's my one meal today okay so going in for a taste test I'm slow not that bad roommate taste test it's not that bad but there's like other 

flavors in it the noodles are like slimy yeah they are I'm gonna finish eating this and then I will update you when I'm finished the dinner was so huge I didn't even finish at all and also it was pretty spicy so TMI that my nose was very runny I went ahead and started meal prep my lunch for tomorrow which was this turkey escalope dish I have no idea what that is so I just ended up using ground turkey instead okay so it's a little while later I have prepped all of my shrek juice for the next that was weird for the next two days and the cert food fights are done chilling in the fridge want to try one on camera for you guys and do a little taste test no web I cannot get over how delicious those are oh my gosh day one is complete and it was honestly not that bad you guys but before I ended day one I really did just want to point out that I feel very full I'm still not hungry you catch up with you in the morning on day two good morning it is a little bit after 5:40 in the morning and I'm just getting ready for work for right now I 

have my green juice and I'm gonna start drinking it cuz I've got three of these today so I'm gonna have one now and then drink the other two later today what's gonna be really weird about the next seven days is not waking up drinking coffee and literally wake up and have a coffee so this should be really interesting it's 12:30 I just had my second green juice I've been sippin on in all morning and I just finished it I'm starving now I'm going well I didn't have my coffee this morning and I've been yawning since like 8 a.m. I'm so tired and I have to have my third green juice for lunch later [Music] so around 5:00 p.m. I actually got a terrible migraine because I was so hungry and just undernourished so I came home and eat this giant plate of food and definitely felt a lot better later on the bright side today's the last day that I have to drink three juices and one day it is currently 9:00 a.m. and I'm having my first green juice of the day it's not the worst thing in the world but I'm just gonna say it I'm just gonna say itI don't know how people do green juice cleanses or green juice diet for fun like who does this for fun cuz 

you know what it's not fun anyways I'm gonna wallow in self-pity and drink this juice and I'll see you later on my second juice of the day I momentarily came out of hibernation aka my room because I've been like I think videos all day because I came to grab my third green juice and two of these little serpents I can't lie though they kind of look like meatballs I'm gonna go ahead and drink my third juice for the day and then have these little bites so I will catch up with you later when I was done snacking I decided to do a Pilates workout like Miss Adele would have done and I found a channel called movement with Kaelyn I'll link her in the description of the video she's got awesome Pilates workouts so go check those out but I'm like hit training and cardio when you're like sweating your butt off and you can't breathe Pilates is a lot of slow controlled movements but you're still working really hard but I had to slow down and take a couple breaks because at times I was getting a little bit lightheaded 

because you know I only had three juices today so that was tough sidenote this diet is staining all my utensils yellow because you have to put turmeric and literally everything but tonight's dinner was like turmeric chicken with homemade salsa kale and instead of buckwheat cuz I couldn't find any anywhere I used rice cauliflower instead this looks delicious so I'm gonna go sit on my couch and enjoyed this little breakfast I just finished my first meal of the day it was super delicious probably one of the best things I've had so far my plan for right now is to just do a bunch of meal prepping I work this weekend so I want to make sure all my meals are ready to go that way I can top that for lunch and essentially dinner when I come home so I'm gonna go ahead and start running on that [Music] already it is a meal 

prep city over here so almost done with my second juice for the day I have just a little bit left to go cuz I'm still drinking two of these even I'm having two meals also going forward for the next four days and then I went ahead and made dinner for tonight as well so just like another really big like kale arugula salad we've got cherry tomatoes avocado onion and then a little segment on top that same same dressing I just added some parsley into it this time it's like lemon juice capers olive oil that's it for day four I definitely felt a lot better today just because I was able to eat more having two meals is much more normal for me than having one meal a day the meals just seems so huge like I'm measuring it with a 

food scale so I know I'm doing everything accurately but my plate of food just always looks so huge and it just feels weird to be eating that much because usually I get full like halfway three-quarters through the meal like I couldn't even finish my salad for dinner tonight because it was just so much food like I was just so full after that that's all I have for the rest of day 4 and I'll update tomorrow here is me having a staredown with my green juices because I am so sick of drinking them and I hate them haha but at least I get to have this delicious salad for lunch it was kale arugula tomatoes strawberry dates and a lemon olive oil dressing day fives second meal was a cod vegetable stir-fry with like ginger olive oil soy sauce and it was really good and by the end of day 5 I felt full between the two meals and the two juices this was my first meal on day six it was a smoked salmon salad with arugula kale dates avocado onion and walnuts this is pretty much like a normal salad I would eat on a regular day 

following my low carb diet so it was pretty good the second meal of day six was supposed to be a thinly sliced beef steak with vegetables and like potatoes I don't like steaks I used cone beef instead don't get me wrong the potatoes were good because I haven't had this in a very long time but honestly like the rest of it wasn't enough I good honestly probably my least favorite meal so far I just I think it was I messed it up because I didn't use a beef steak day six of Adele's diet is done I'm still not craving sweets or junk food or anything like that the one thing though that I consistently miss and have been craving since day one is coffee day seven tomorrow two juices two meals last day of eating like Adele for a week this is the last and final day of phase one of the search food diet it was the most normal for me like for breakfast I was able to eat regular bacon and an omelet and it was delicious and I forgot to film it but for dinner I made a homemade pesto and then had it on top of chicken and then of course had my 

two juices in and around the whole day for the last seven days I ate like Adele and followed the search feed diet and now that the week is over I made some coffee seven days ago Coffee was worse than I ever thought it would be after a mere seven days of following this diet I lost 6 pounds 6 pounds or any amount of weight loss and a 7 day period is 99% water weight and not to be TMI but like the green juice in drinking all the water keeps you very regular if you catch my drift so yeah really easy to lose weight that way when you're drinking a ton of juice and it just goes right through you that's all I'm gonna say I hate to say this because I don't want to endorse anything but like you know when you wake up in the morning sometimes and you have that like morning skinny where you just feel really skinny like your stomach is flat you just feel like morning skinny you know what I mean you know I'm talking 

about right with me I can't lie but for the whole 7 days I felt morning skinny all day long but the reason I felt that way is because I was in a significant calorie deficit that was kind of a good feeling but that also could put me you or anybody in a very negative headspace because when you're under eating and you feel skinny that can put you in a really bad that restrictive eating cycle and been there done that we're not doing that ladies we're in a healthy headspace we're not restricting your calories we're not doing it and lastly I'll say I feel like my skin cleared up pretty well I'm gonna show a before-and-after a photo I feel like it's because I wasn't eating any processed food I wasn't eating any junk food I was eating really clean healthy foods now overall what I recommend this diet No maybe maybe maybe if you needed to like jump start with like weight loss or a jumpstart into like a healthy diet you wanted to kind of like transition like eating really poorly it's like wanting to make a change in how you eat but even then like there are so many other like diets or ways of eating or things that you could

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