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How To Lose Weight For Men

how to lose weight for men it's a hugely important topic that I'm extremely passionate about and in this article I'm gonna cover our five-step framework that we call mm fat that covers the five foundations the absolutely need to lose weight we're gonna lay that all out I'm going to teach you exactly what to do so you can get started a fast weight loss let's dive in I know you're gonna enjoy this  fit father project calm alright so the back story on this mmm fat acronym is here v solid project we've helped over 10,000 fathers lose over 75,000 pounds of fat and from helping all those guys we've kind of distilled down what really works what are the five steps that we need and that's where this mmm fat acronym stands for so the first M stands for mindset and this is extremely important because one of the biggest mistakes I see as a men's health doctor is when guys start to try to lose weight they focus

on the exercise than the diet stuff first without getting their mind right without creating a clear action plan and without discovering similar internal motivations now here's the thing as you probably know from reflecting in your own life weight loss is not just about food it's not just about exercise and knowing what to do it's really getting internally aligned it's about really figuring out how to create your make your behavior sustainable by getting the inner motivation and really the one thing that we help guys do like the one action step before we talk about diet exercise is we have guys write a weight loss mission statement we have them write down specifically in the next 30 days what they want to achieve with their weight loss whether it's 5 10 15 or even 20 pounds and then we have them write down why they want to get it done what are the big juicy reasons why they want to lose the weight and we get once we get clear on that we talk about both the benefits of what's gonna happen in their life when they get the weight off the new energy the new confidence the increased vitality

in the bedroom the more passionate relationship you know feeling better pride and confidence when you're at work just feel and more trim but also we gotta get clear about the costs the costs if we don't get the weight off that pain lover what's gonna happen to your family if you don't get the weight off what's gonna happen to your energy your career your sense of confidence we need to really with use our brains to crank up both the pleasure and crank up both the pain when we're starting to lose weight to get really motivated and aligned so we create this mission statement it goes something like this in the next 30 days I am a hundred percent committed to losing 10 pounds by eating a healthy diet by exercising three times four weeks so that I can stay strong and permanent a healthy for my family wear the clothes I want to wear feel more confident work and to ensure that I don't get sick and I don't have a heart attack like my dad had that would be an example of an amazing mission

statement that's the first M once you've created a mission statement which I'm going to challenge you to do after you watch this video the second M is we need to get your metabolism corrected we need baseline metabolism correction and really there are two ways to do that first thing is we can even sure that you're getting enough sleep your body simply will not get rid of fat if you're in a sleep-deprived state so at minimum we need to have you getting seven hours of restful sleep every night and a lot of guys who come to me saying dr. Anthony I just can't lose the weight they're sleeping less than seven hours and when we miss sleep what happens is our bodies just do not process carbs properly a hormone called insulin gets all out of whack and we're storing fat all day long and our body doesn't want to release the fat because we're in constant stress mode because our body when we don't sleep senses stress so our hormones get all out of whack and that's why we need to get the minimum amount of sleep seven hours before we even talk about food and exercise which are some of the next things in this mmm fat acronym but we also need to get your hydration on point because hydration too is required the 

proper amount of water is required for every single metabolic reaction that's going to help your body release the fat and increase your metabolism so at minimum I want you to drink in a hundred ounces of water per day seven hours of sleep 100 ounces of water if you have those things in check let's proceed to the next F in the mmm fat acronym f stands for fuel fuel meaning nutrition nutrition and fuel is the foundation of your ability to lose weight you cannot out exercise a bad diet something that I will probably tattoo on my arm one day because I say it so much here the fit father project we need to make sure you're getting the right number of calories in and that's the foundation of weight loss you know we need to get the fuel down before you even talk about exercise and that's why we put together a free one day meal plan for guys that covers exactly we should be eating there's links in this video there's links down below in the article will roughly what we want you to do is build what we call perfect plates and we want you to build those for breakfast lunch and dinner and a perfect plate is that when you have a plate of food half of your plate should be filled with some kind of veggie you love you know broccoli a salad mixed greens asparagus Brussels sprouts some kind of fibrous green veggie a quarter of your plate should be with some kind of protein you love chicken steak fish sardines you know what I like sardines don't know if anyone else out there like sardines I'm Italian but I say that sometimes and then the other quarter of your plate should be some kind of healthy carbs that you like things that are great are some fruits you know brown rice oatmeal sweet potato even some Ezekiel bread which is a great kind of bread that we recommend in our free one day meal plan but point being is I want you to build 3 

of those perfect plates for breakfast lunch and dinner and that's just a really simple starting point to get on a proper meal plan and get the F for fuel started now there are some more intricacies that we covered in that free one a meal plan that I recommend you you let us email to you straight to your email but I just want to give you the F in the big picture that we need to get fuel down before we get into a which stands for activity another huge mistake the guys make when trying to get the weight off is they try to do formal workouts without actually getting baseline activity done first I want you to have 30 minutes of activity every single day that's just moving your body it's walking around you know it's just getting off your butt if you have a desk job like I sit way too much I make sure that I set a timer they get thirty minutes every single day and a really useful thing is to have a pedometer on your iPhone or a step counter of some store a Fitbit and try to get around 5,000 steps and that's more than 30 minutes of daily activity but we just need to make sure that we get enough activity because it turns out from the research is our brains if we don't get enough daily activity our hunger circuits go haywire if we sit to much it 

turns out that we just get hungry all day long but we hit what we call the daily activity threshold then our hunger levels are more level and we're not craving all these kinds of sweets and stuff so if you feel like you have just rabbit food cravings it could be because one you're not getting enough sleep into you're not heavy hitting the daily activity threshold so 30 minutes a day get it done in the morning get it done in your lunch break and get those steps in that's the easiest way to do it then finally the T in the mm fat is timed workouts we recommend that if you're starting off to lose weight all you need is three to four 30-minute workouts that are just really condensed and they boost your metabolism and because of that we put together our free 24 minute fat burning workout for busy fathers that covers the 24 minute workout and there's links here to that as well because I want to show you exactly what you're doing with your workout we recommend that you do these these functional workouts that really 

recognize your tousle three to four times for weeks maybe a Monday Wednesday Friday daily activity every day adequate sleep every day adequate hydration every day and those good meals and that's really the foundation a lot of people want to make this weight loss stuff complicated it's not it's not complicated but it does take consistency in habits and that's where the art comes in to this game is how do we make this stuff simple how do we make it sustainable and that's really what we're experts at here at the favela project you know we really give you the tools and the actual action plan and we hand it to you in our free one day meal plan and our free 24 minute workout so if you want some of these resources check them out me and my team will email it straight to you now you're really gonna love it now if you watch this video on YouTube I want to invite you to subscribe to our youtube channel because we have tons more great videos just like this on healthy eating on building muscle on losing fat the best exercises

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