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best natural foods to eat for weight loss include the following weight loss foods as part of a healthy overall diets then you may find it's easier to achieve your weight loss goals they're high in fiber which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer they have a low energy density meaning that  can eat a decent sized portion without all the doing it on calories

number one avocados avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids dietary fiber potassium and phytochemicals an while avocados are higher in calories than other fruits and vegetables they're satisfying fat and fiber combo can actually help you slim down

 two eggs eggs are rich in high-quality protein fats and essential nutrients eating a high-protein breakfast promotes weight loss because protein increases society while regulating hunger and appetite hormones helping to fend off your hunger for longer

 three beans all beans are high in fiber which is your friend when you're trying to lose weight because it helps you feel fuller for longer thus controlling hunger eating beans has also been linked with loads of other health benefits

 number four the yogurt yogurt is protein packed and full of probiotics which are good a good health and can help your weight loss efforts your good health can impact your weight and eating more fiber and probiotics help to keep your gut bacteria happy which is good for your metabolism 

five salmon salmon is a rich source of high quality protein and provides plenty of good fats which are or meager three fatty acids a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps people feel more satisfied when they were watching their calories 

 6 fruit eating fruit can help you lose weight especially when you swap in fresh fruit for processed foods older and healthy steps you'll get a naturally sweet treat plus reap the benefits of fiber and antioxidants

 number 7 popcorn believe it or not as long as this popular cinema treat isn't doused in movie theater butter it makes an excellent weight loss snack not only is popcorn high in fiber it even delivers some protein it's full ofair so you can eat three whole cups of popcorn for only 100 calories

 number eight almonds almonds are an excellent source of fiber and they're high protein rich in vitamin E and a brute source of half healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats almonds are a great choice to spring cover a salad or a side dish and also


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