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nice and lovely basically carrot lemon in a ginger or lime I know a lot of people be making a lot of carrotjuice now saying it is good for weight loss so um I'm doing it's gonna be the fifth day I'm on at the moment I've been doing it about a week now and to be honest I can see some result in my own system basically no sugar no sweetener no honey nothing and honestly this I never know I've been making carrot juice all over my life but honestly so you sugar all these things and never know that this thing

really works like this I want to say to you guys you give it a try you give it a go every one of us body is different as I always say my video I've been doing it over the last five morning from myself and this today going to be the fifth day of my carrot juice which I'm making for my weight loss are all of my recipe that we see I make I use them for myself all right I try things out first and see it what's happened okay first of all you need to do is get a and a medium sized scared large carrot whatever care to

have make sure the simple remove it know remove the skin of the carrot leave the skin of the carrot guys alright once you do that then what they can do next is simple I'm already did wash them put them in my fridge but just to wash it again to show you guys some people do remove the skin from thecarrot but the benefit of the carrot is in the skin alright so what you need to do is the drink the carrot on a heavy stock all right and you will see the miracle work all right so what's the cut

of a carrot which is straight inside of your blender like this and I'm using 1 medium size carrots now you can either use lemon or lime never you like to use but we're going to do first I'm going to be getting a piece of a ginger and I'm going to cut up a piece of a ginger inside of it just like this all right then I'm gonna put a cups of water in it I know I'm going to blend this about three to four minutes

lovely are nice once you blend your carrot on your ginger together you're going to strain it all right they're gonna run it through your strainer now why you guys to give this a try at home and I have this stomach every morning are some people do drink it during the day but drink it in the morning before breakfast so this is what they're going to do now is strain it

love it once they do that then get the glass and squeeze in our lime our lemon inside of it you don't need any sugar are any on it or no sweetener and drink this and ahem to stomach every morning before your breakfast and you will see exactly what I'm talking about carrot juice help you to lose weight and detox your body it's a miracle guys I'm telling you need to give this a try give it a go leave your comments in the description box please tell a friend and a friend and a friend we got a lot more recipes a lot more ideas a lot more things we were coming from chef Ricardo on the team and all for that remember you can do your own research for the benefit for carrot lemon ginger and water alright if you are allergic to any any of these ingredients you cannot have this one give it a try at home this is from chef Ricardo juice my channel and we have a lot more recipe coming for you

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