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Lose 3Kg in a Week

started first step is to dry roast 4 tablespoons of oats here I'm using rolled oats and I consider them best for this movie roast them until they turn light brown it may take approximately 2 to 3 minutes you don't have to freshly roasted I'm you make this movie if you already have roasted oats then you can just go ahead and instantly make it oats are great source of vitamins minerals fiber and antioxidants they also contain more protein than most

grains they help with weight loss and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol when oats turn light brown took them to a blender next add 2 pitted dates I'm using Metro dates as a sweetener instead of sugar dates are rich in fiber which reduces your appetite by keeping you full for a long time medjool dates in particular have a caramel like taste and are so soft and chewy in texture I consider them the best however you can use any variety that you have next add 1/2 cup of plain yogurt yogurt can help get rid of your belly fat I don't know

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how many of you know but yogurt is more nutritious than milk it is a rich source of calcium and protein and provides other nutrients such as iodine vitamins d b2 b12 and zinc now I'm adding one tablespoon of peanut butter it is high in protein and healthy fats and helps lose weight by controlling your appetite and suppressing blood sugar the one I am using has just peanuts and sea salt

this smoothie contains four of the most easily available yet powerful ingredients and for a change it doesn't contain a banana in the end and half cup of water blend over well until smooth shift to a glass and our weight-loss smoothie is ready you can also add one tablespoon of chia seeds for an extra dose of protein and more nutrition this movie is just so perfectly measured that does not split even after hours of making it you will enjoy the nutty taste

of it and is very thick and satiating if you wanted to be a little runny then just go ahead and add extra water have this drink instead of your breakfast or dinner that is replace your regular breakfast or dinner with this class of smoothie and you'll be able to lose up to five kilos in two weeks also ensure to eat healthy for the rest of the day and indulge in some physical activity like 15 minutes of fast walk or jogging hope you like this video do it like subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell icon if you still haven't and I will see you soon with a new videotill then remember the food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest


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