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hello my friends its alex  and today I wanted to take some time to step out of the kitchen so I could just chat with you all connect with you see how everybody is doing and share some of the tips and the tricks that have been helping me to reduce stress and anxiety during a time that can feel stress inducing I know right now that a lot of people's worlds are kind of turned upside down people's schedules have changed their day-to-day routines have changed some of us have kids at home now who are gonna be homeschooling some people are not working and there's a lot of fear circulating around right now so I really just wanted to take a deep breath with you all and again share some of the tips that are helping me stay sane and grounded during a time where things feel like they're unraveling a little bit so the very first thing that

I have to say has been the most powerful,and has been helping me the most is to remind myself to keep my attention on the things that I actually can do to help strengthen my mind and my body right we are in circumstance right now where it's very easy to fall victim to what's happening around us so it's important that we pause and we take things step by step that we don't get frazzled and we remember that there are still plenty of things that are in our control and the biggest most important one in my opinion is what goes on inside your mind right we cannot control everything that's happening outside and around us right now the truth is we can never control everything that's

happening outside and around us it just seems that when there's a crisis situation that that reality becomes more apparent but what we do get to have some control over is what we want to give our attention to right we've talked about this before no you cannot control every thought that runs through your mind they say humans have over 60,000 thoughts a day but we do get to control what thoughts we give our attention to so I think it's so important right now that you are using your mind and your thoughts and your imagination to support you and your health and your wellness

and your body and everything that you need to feel good right now don't let your brain go off predicting the worst-case scenarios all day long right let's reel that in a little bit and use our brains to predict something a little bit more beautiful for ourselves and if you do find your mind going off and painting these worst-case scenarios just know that that's okay and that is perfectly normal and as soon as you notice yourself doing it just use it as an opportunity to gently redirect yourself to the present moment and choose something that is going to serve you a little bit more because remember guys we do get to choose the thoughts that we want to give energy to and that truly is where your greatest power lies so if you're gonna take on any practice right now practice that the second tip that comes to mind is that you want to limit the media that you are consuming now by no means am i telling you to bury your head in the sand that's not what I'm saying tune in check in read the headlines  spend five minutes on the news talk to afriend see what's going on see what type of awareness type of precautions you want to be taking and then move on with the day the last thing you want to be

doing is sitting in front of the television all day long consuming all of this information that really makes us feel afraid and worried and it puts all of our energy into this fear-based state I actually found a really great quote that I found to be so helpful this was from iyanla Vanzant I'm signed up for her newsletter and this was in her newsletter she said fear not there's a lot of information coming at us and it's changing from moment to moment that can be scary but fear not fear is an energy and it attracts the very thing we want to avoid we can take practical measures like washing our hands and staying in the house but in the midst of that fear

not fear is not going to keep a virus away from you but what fear does is creates thoughts and energies in your  mind that lead you into a state of stress and anxiety and if the flu does not make you sick then the chronic stress well so guys I know it's hard right now it's so easy to jump into that pool and honestly I think sometimes we don't even realize that we are doing that when we're you know we're trying to stay informed and to protect ourselves and our families but sometimes when we're consuming too much media are doing it all day long it does create more harm than good so it's something to be mindful of inform yourself and then just try to step away the next thing that we all can be doing to help reduce stress and anxiety is to support our immune system again that's something that we can do so that always makes us feel better when we're back in the driver's seat and you don't need to overthink it simple simple things like limiting your sugar intake including more greens in your diet putting some lemon and ginger and turmeric into your tea or into your

hot water washing your hands having a really great local honey or a manuka honey and stirring a little bit of that into your tea or your water making a homemade soup maybe you want to make my immunity boosting soup I have a chicken immunity soup we also have a recipe for a turmeric ginger paste and you mix that with honey and you can either just eat it right off the spoon or stir it into some water these are all really simple things that we can be doing right wash your hands get rest plenty of rest I mean a lot of us have extra time right now so allow yourself to unravel a little bit get fresh air vitamin D all of these simple simple things really can help to support your immune system and it's something that you get to be in charge of so take advantage of that number four is to create and stick to some type of routine if you are not on your regular routine I highly encourage

you to create a new temporary routine for yourself I think giving yourself permission to just totally unravel during this we don't know how long it's gonna last really it's not going to serve it may feel hard to stay disciplined and put yourself on the level of a routine while everything is so unordered but you can do hard things and I promise you you will be better off for it if anybody follows me on Instagram the first couple of days while I was figuring things out I was I feel like I was having a break - I was like a mess I mean a true mess because it was all new and we didn't have a system and it all felt really hard and overwhelming and tricky and so if you're in that place right now just let yourself feel all the feelings and just know that it comes together it will come together but practice some

type of new routine for yourself and then practice staying with it include movement getting some type of exercise getting fresh air schedule these into your day you will be so much better fornit and I truly think it will help you to maintain sanity number five and bear with me on this one don't argue with reality I think sometimes when something like this happens because we feel afraid and feeling afraid is totally normal we go into a blame game right we want to either try to figure out somebody we can blame this whole thing on or we want to figure out reasons why it shouldn't have happened in the first place and we start to go into our mind and make up all these stories that it doesn't serve or do anything or change anything right like this is the present reality this is something that we are all having to deal with right now and trying to blame or argue or look for faults somewhere and it just doesn't serve the only thing that it's gonna do is leave you feeling

horrible right so there's a space of just knowing that life is life things happen they're out of our control we don't need to understand or have to be able to explain each and every one of them we just need to allow ourselves to be fully with it so something that people will do I know I am guilty of this right is that if this feels hard and you feel afraid it's easier to just get mad at someone than to just feel afraid like mad is more in control than

afraid afraid is a very tender raw vulnerable feeling but practice allowing yourself to just feel the raw emotions without needing to blame or project it on someone or something else I think in the long run it actually creates a lot more internal peace and it's worth investigating for yourself if you find yourself doing that  number six and this one is so important ask for reach out get support if and when you need it this really I'm dedicating this especially to those of you on what I'm gonna call the front lines right so if you're an EMT if you're a doctor if you're a nurse if you're in the hospitals if you are a coach if you're a therapist if you are still interacting with the public if you're still going to your job every day and you're showing up for other people

and you are helping you know the hole right now and you are you guys are the real heroes in this moment but sometimes I think when we are in that service mode we forget that we also are allowed to need help and we forget to give ourselves the space and the time to process everything that's happening around us right this is a bit of a collective crisis going on right now and on some level we are all going to feel the effects of that so give yourself permission to take the time you need if and when you need the time and reach out to somebody whether it's a friend a

family member a therapist a coach if you belong to some type of spiritual community or some type of church there's a lot of options out there so don't overlook yourself especially again those of you who are in service mode and so focused on everybody else do know and remember that you are human we are all humans and you are also going to have needs and do not poopoo that don't brush it under the rug treat it with the same compassion and respect that you would if it was anybody else in your world number seven meditate journal pray whatever tool it is that you use that helps you to connect to something either bigger than yourself or deeper within yourself now would be a great time to honor that practice even if it's just five to ten minutes a day 

again it gives you the opportunity it gives us the opportunity to kind of quiet the outside world ground in connect to the moment connect to ourselves connect to whatever we may believe in and really provide a level of peace and sanity and ease that is easy to lose when you're caught up in the chaos and when you're caught up looking all around  you and consuming too much information it's a difference between your worlds feeling like this right when it's all out there and around you and going on and it's like being underwater just put it all out for a minute let it be quiet come back home so much power in just finding moments of quiet and much like I was saying earlier about

your daily routine let this be a part of that routine you know use this as an opportunity if you don't already have some type of practice like that to create it for yourself and I'm telling you 5 to 10 minutes a day can really create a big shift so for example if you like to journal a question I love to ask myself when I'm in a challenging time or I'm feeling less than positive or good is how is this exact situation perfect for me right now or what about this scenario is serving me right now or how is it growing me or how is it evolving me there's always a nugget of wisdom in these moments right both collectively and personally so use this as an 

opportunity for yourself and get really curious number eight another tip something a little lighter a little brighter use this as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning clean out those closets reorganize your drawers we have some good friends who are there repainting one of the rooms in their house right now I mean if you are home and I know not everybody is but a lot of us are use it as an opportunity to look around and get something done we always all have so many things that were like we don't have any time to do well now we have the time to do it so why not use it as an opportunity to get some of those nthings done it will feel good number nine another thing that will feel really good take some time think about your summer think about what's coming up maybe work on a vision board I love the idea of taking some time and projecting your tension Ford right so it's again it's easy to get caught in the moment right now it feels like doom and gloom like it's the end of all things but it's not right so use this opportunity to think about some of the things you want to do some of the places you want to go something that you want to create eight

sit down write out a vision board write out a bucket list have some fun with your mind and your imagination and create some of the beautiful things that you are looking forward to that would be such a fun project and so good for your mental health and number ten my final tip to help us reduce stress and anxiety during this time right now is to really give yourself permission to relax and allow the natural order of things to take place again this is gonna touch back on some of the things I said earlier but what is happening it's happening and us worrying and stressing and obsessing over it is not going to change anything so find ways to allow yourself to relax a little bit especially those of you who are home whether it's playing board games with,your family reading some books that you've been wanting to read and finding ways to stay easy put some music on music always helps it does make me want

to share one last quote with y'all because I love a quote and this one really resonated with me right now this one is from dr. rafael this CD he is a infectious disease specialist at John Hopkins and he said people should remember that they are as healthy as

they feel and should not go around feeling as unhealthy as they fear so powerful and I feel like it is so spot-on really recognizing that fearing and obsessing is not going to serve us yes it's natural to be experiencing some fear right now and that is okay but how can you relax and allow to do your best to let what is B this is not the first time we have been through a trying experience or a collective crisis together it will not be the last we will come out on the other side of this and while we are all separated in many ways right now with all of this social distancing and quarantining going on I want us to remember that we are still

all in this together and there's real power in knowing that and just knowing that we will come out on the other side of this so guys I am thinking about you guys I want to be able to support you

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