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How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

you should not eat when we're talking about what you should not eat it's much easier to talk about types of food then just specific products so here I'm here for you three types of food that if you will remove it from you time you will already see crazy red rose from the day one first type of food that you should remove from your diet is sugar juices cakes granola coke I don't care what itis if it contains sugar you to remove this from your life so the next time when you go to the grocery store I want you to watch if it contains sugar you don't want to buy it you don't want to eat it sugar it's number one type of food that you need to remove move it to the next one type of food that you need to remove

from your diet number two is wheat flour cookies white bread pizza pancakes no matter where it is if it contains wheat flour you need to remove it from your tire and I don't care if this is your grandmother made for you or it's your birthday the best birthday present that you can do for  is to get better so remove it and the third type of food is you to remove from the diet is fast food can see Madonna's cheese hot dogs I don't care what it is if it was made fast the most often you don't need it and so the next time when you're about to eat something you need to check no sugar no eat flour not fast food and when you remove those three types of food from your diet most of you guys will already start to spread but the rest aggression what I should eat instead of those let's get to it so glass instead of three bad types we'll have three good types of food ranges protein and healthy fats you can choose from wedges anything you want spinach cabbage broccoli baby's berries it's not wages but whatever then from protein chicken turkey eggs fish and then from healthy fats olive oil avocado peanuts and fish and then you have three or four meals a day that contains each

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of these types of food one from wedges one from protein and one from healthy fats for example it's self from speeded with chicken and olive oil sounds good to me or you can choose broccoli fish and then after all peanuts all for breakfast you can choose eggs and served with cabbage and avocado didn't have to know you can hear the Paris so guys as you can see there's a lot of option right here that you can play me the question is what about the

fruits you can hear one fruit penalty it can be April or it can be one banana but you can choose only one food birthday pretty simple and the last question is what about the rice oatmeal or any other type of carbs you could hear them but you can have only 50 grams and once per day 50 grams once per day it can be 50 grams oatmeal in the morning or it can be 50 grams surprise to lunch but on the ones per day this diet will give you around 2,000 calories per day that will be enough to be in the calorie deficit but still build muscle with good amounts of protein fiber and healthy fats in your diet so we're done with the food guys now let's move to the workouts and here I made it pretty

simple for you you can just follow my 28 days freak immortal program that you can find link in the description just follow it they buy they do all the workouts that I listed for you for each day and you do not only add extra 500 calories per day but it also build your muscles and build your aesthetic physique so definitely check it out and started from day one today and the fourth part of this video my final tip is to sleep seven to eight hours every night because if you have poor sleep your body will lock the Karma's that responsible for burning fat and building muscle and if

you don't care Harmons men forget about all the rest you will not be in your optimal condition to burn fat and build muscle so make sure you go to sleep early and stay in bed around seven to eight hours every night so that's it guys hope you find this video helpful if you do please leave a big thumbs up scrap to my channel and start from day one my problem start to follow this diet because this video is do nothing for it if you not go and apply all rules for the first day is to define to want me it can't get hard but you need to move further because the great result doesn't come those crazy the great results come

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